Profiles #-L

If we’re missing a band that you listen to you can do either of the following:

  • Leave the Band Name, OHP, Myspace/Mixi, blog


  • Complete a profile yourself and send it to for credit and display on our website.

Band Myspaces

Please Select the band from the links below!


35 Responses to “Profiles #-L”

  1. 18th September

    …Hey, I’ve got a bunch of profiles on the go right now, so maybe in the next few weeks they will start showing up.


  2. thanks a lot…love u….love gazette

  3. Hey jenn, while you’re away on vacation I’ll try to get the band profiles I did for Ignited on here. =D

  4. Hanisah Kaoru — My pleasure, I’m glad I could be of some use.

    Rae — if you ever see this, for some reason when I hit save I get logged out and lose the work I have done, while I am gone would you mind doing the history for a9, DJ, DlQ, and Mago Mago please? I would appreciate it, I’m getting sick of typing it up to find that it is lost to the internet. The official sites, jmusicamerica, and even the references on Wiki work wonders.


  5. 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Bereaved added. Working on Leyona. See this post for sample update/info.

  6. This site ROCKS!!!! I love every single band that’s on here! And when The GazettE FINALLY comes to the U.S. I will KILL to see them!!! I <33333333 them sooooo sooooo much ^__^

    We like the same bands :] but who doesn’t like The GazettE, Diru, alice nine., and all those other wonderful bands? ^___^

    Well, let’s hope that more bands come to the U.S. and blind us with their beauty and music!

    Keep it up forever ^___^

    Toky ❤

  7. ❤ for the comment.

  8. This site is awesome! This can totally widen the range of VK bands I listen to because that’s what I’m trying to do, listen to (consume really ^-^’) as much VK and Jrock music as I can. And I would most definitely kill, like Toky, to see Gazette (or alice nine. or any other VK band I love) tour the US….Love this site, once again! I’ll be checking back!

  9. Thank you 😀

    We love keeping the site up to date…it’s great knowing that what we put in to it isn’t wasted 😀

  10. Could you please put something about LiZ on here. (I read about them in Shoxx) I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t find anything.
    Please and Thank youuu.


  11. Sure, I’ll look them up.

    To be honest I haven’t heard of them, but I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

    Thanks for the request. ❤

  12. Newish:

  13. hellos, i wanna know more about Bergerac… could u pls put sumting about them??? =) thx!

  14. LiZ is difficult to find. #___#

    Bergerac? Sure, give me a week, give or take a few days.
    Online translators are terrible, and my printer is dead, so I’ll have to write up the kanji and hope Akiko can help me out with names, etc.

    I’ve already got everything else done, I just need to do the history.

  15. New:
    Candy Spooky Theater

  16. ummm is it me or is kaya’s profile thing isn’t working?

  17. Whoops. Must have been fragmented when were switching themes. Thanks for letting us know. I have fixed it now. 🙂

  18. ok thankyou =]

  19. …umm… excuse me.. I can’t access Bergerac’s profile….

  20. The Bergerac profile has been taken down pending changes. It will up shortly.

  21. Bergerac, An Cafe, alice nine and Ayabie profiles updated.

  22. thanks 🙂

  23. There’s a band you left out : Akihabara Shounendan Dennou Romeo
    (Dennou Romeo for short). i’m still very new to this band, but i heard they might be disbanding this December..i think.
    i think they just formed las year too…but, they have beautiful music :]

  24. Do you have an OHP/Myspace for them?

  25. u 4got girugamesh in the list how can u not have them on there

  26. How bout Chariot, ATTIC, and JILL CHRIST?

  27. Do you think you can find Last Aliance?
    They’re really great.

  28. I just found a link to their official website.

  29. You left out some bands: Lolita23q, Kra

  30. Also: Acid Black Cherry, Dolly, Aile

  31. saruin?!?….


  33. please put up: lolita23q

  34. They’ve missed 12012!! It’s an awesome Jrock, visual kei ban!!!!!!

  35. heidi. ROCKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! And Remioromen?

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