Band: D


Vocals: Asagi

Bass: Tsunehito

Guitar: Ruiza

Guitar: HIDE-ZOU

Drums: Hiroki
Ex-bassist: Rena
Ex-guitarist: Sin
Ex (support) guitarist: Tetsu

Asagi, Ruiza, Sin, Rena and Hiroki created D in 2003. Right away they performed their first live in April, and on July 18th 2007 they released their first mini-album, New Blood.

Shortly after New Blood’s release Sin decided to leave the band, and Ruiza had to be hospitalised. During that time they continued performing, with Hide-zou and Tetsu temporarily filling, as Night of the Children. Ruiza recovered and returned, Hide-zou became an official member, and Tetsu left.

D’s first one man performance, “Believe or not Believe,” was held on November 27th of the same year.

2004 was hit off with another mini-album, Paradox, which was released on the 7th of January, and ranked thirteenth on the Oricon charts. On the 24th of the same month D held another one man, 「現実と非現実のParadox」. A few more singles and a re-mastered version of their first mini-album were released in the same year. A good chunk of 2004 was spent touring.

Another single started off 2005, and once again D focused on touring. “Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no acapella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria” was released on June 22nd, and came with a DVD. In July Rena left the band in the middle of recording their first full length album, he was quickly replaced with Hide-zou, and the album was released without delay. When SCISSOR disbanded Tsunehito officially joined D as their bassist, allowing Hide-zou to return to being the band’s guitarist.

Over the new years Asagi didn’t write a journal for days, which worried fellow admin, Samehada, as to what was wrong. Turns out his cats were sick and he spent New Years along with several days after that in the Animal Hospital with them.

D’s second full length album, “Tafel Anatomie” was released in 2006, amongst the handful of re-releases.

They released their first live DVD, along with the new singles, “Dearest You,” “Ouka Saki Some ni Keri” and “Schwarzschild.”

D released another album, which will have some previously released songs on it such as “Schwarzschild,” and “Dearest You” on it. Neo culture~Beyond the world~ will be released on November 7th of 2008.
Opinion:To be honest I haven’t listened much to this band until a few days ago, I have no idea why I deprived myself of such a band. Asagi, wow, his voice is to die for, especially in “Ouka Saki Some ni Keri,” to me it is silk in musical form with obvious power behind it. I love the others too, but the voice commands me to focus my attention onto Asagi…despite the fact that he isn’t my favourite member. If you’re unsure of whether you should or shouldn’t give D a try, I say give them a shot, even if it is to hear Asagi’s beautiful vocals.

Albums/minis: NEW BLOOD, Paradox, NEW BLOOD ~second impact~, The Name of the ROSE, The Name of the ROSE Tsuujou Ban, Yumenarishi Kuuchuu Teien, Tafel Anatomie, Neo culture~Beyond the world~

Singles: Alice, Yume Narishi Kuuchuu Teien, Mayutsuki no Hitsugi, Mahiro no Koe ~Synchronicity~, Shiroi Yoru, Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no a Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria, Taiyou o Okuru hi, Dearest You, Ouka Saki Some ni Keri, Schwarzschild
D’s Official Website



22 Responses to “D”

  1. Oh i love D!

    Tetsu was only support guitarist in ‘Night of the Children”, he wasn’t official guitarist n_n.

    But I like me the biography

  2. Oh, he was only a support guitarist?
    I still don’t know that much. ^^;

    Thanks for the correction.

  3. I´m from germany, so I write in german, ok? (I now… I irritate) ^^”
    Trotzdem: >.<!
    ich liebe euch!! Bleibt auf diesem Weg und kommt nicht davon ab! Ich steh euch bei X3, Hab euch lieb -auch die fans! Davon gibt es hier in Deutschland nämlich nicht so viele…

    Gruß aus Deutschland von:

  4. No, no! You don’t irritate anyone. ^^

    There aren’t many D fans in Germany? O_O

    Nr., Nr.! Sie reizen nicht niemand ^^
    Dort nicht sind viele D fans in Deutschland? O_O

  5. naja, nicht viele also ich kenn nur eine…. *heul* Dabei machen die so geile Musik…!


  6. his(Asagi’s) voice is absolutely lovely.

  7. I´m from Germany, too.
    I hope it´s okay to write a little bit in german 😛

    Ich kenne die Band noch nicht so lange,aber als ich das erstemal Lieder von Ihnen gehört habe war ich begeistert.
    In Deutschland gibt es wirklich nicht viele Fans, oder ich kenne sie nur noch nicht.
    Also mit mir und einer Freundin wären es dann schonmal 4 *g*

    Danke für die Grüße Kadi-Chan

  8. Na immerhin etwas ^^.
    Wo wohnst du? Ich wohne in Hann Münden (südniedersachsen und nordhessen). Ich bin mit meiner Freundin leider die einzige -.-” *heul* aber das liegt warscheinlich nur darann, dass die Musik einfach zu gut für manche ist! XD ^^

    Gruß an dich und alle anderen von:

  9. Ich komme aus Hamburg ^^
    Und nun kenn ich wieder ein Ort mehr in Deutschland 😉

    Ja einige Wissen eben nicht was gut ist, aber vielleicht ändert sich das ja noch.

    Gruß zurrück

  10. naja, kann sein ja… ^^
    Kennst du die Connichi?? Die ist nächstes Jahr im September wie jedes Jahr in Kassel. Ich geh da als Itachi verkleidet mit nen paar Freunden hin ^^. (wir haben schon eine Hinata und einen sasuke und mich XD)
    Wenn du das kennst, können wir uns ja mal vllt in Kassel zur Connichi treffen! Das wär total cool!!
    (WENN du willst….)

    Gruß back an alle XP hehe

  11. Happy birthday, Hide-zou!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey Rina, email me please at elynsysnos@hotmail.com

  13. LOVE D!!! One of my most favourite bands of all time.
    (New Zealand fan *makes mark*)

  14. Ooh I think you’re the first from NZ to comment on here.
    D really are amazing, aren’t they?

    I give Asagi huge brownie points for making his rather average voice something extraordinary when singing.

  15. Hello from NZ. 😮

  16. 🙂 Ja die Connichi kenne ich , muss mal sehen ob ich zu der Zeit Urlaub bekomme, dann komme ich gerne 😉

  17. i love hide-zou
    he’s kinda cute though

  18. OMFG! D!! :O~! I just came across them today, and i’m hooked. 😀 I love asagi’s voice, its so smooth. And ruiza is just so..well, yeah. <3~
    I’m from Sri lanka. Bwahahah, i’m the first. xD

  19. Man i just ran across them today too! So amazing <33 Psht my whole family is Cuban and they don’t approve of and jrock v.v but honestly it all makes me FEEL the music and i appreciate music a whole lot more 😀

  20. holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    yo soy d mexico y wow la verdad tiene rato q m gusta D pero no habia encontrado info d ellos asi q arigato por la info oki te cuidas byebye

  21. I’m from Australia, and I love them ^^

  22. I love this band. love the music, love all the members of this band and the singer. He’s got such a beautiful voice and when i listen to some of his very old song…Damn…his voice change….NOw his voice is very unique from any other singers i hear.

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