Jrock Myspaces

Our Myspace

If you have one to add please leave the band and the actual url, not friendID=56646 whatever. No fan pages or street teams!


7 Responses to “Jrock Myspaces”

  1. And example of how to add a band to our directory.

    Sito Magus:

  2. […] the Artist’s Myspace section has been updated. All the one’s that were dead links, or links that went nowhere, are […]

  3. So basically your myspace has a link on it taken to “J-rockers Unite” though Kumo made that banner design. Smooth 🙂 (sarcastic)

  4. alguin que tenga los lirycs de Anti Feminism

  5. ah..sugar have a myspace..=)))

  6. Here’s an cool JROCK station I’ve been listening to, found them in this months CURE Magazine

  7. I would really like to thank you terribly a lot of for your work you’ve got made in writing this posting. I am hoping the identical top job from you down the road also.

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