Vocals: Maru

Guitar: Tsukasa

Bass: Shunsuke

Drums: Seika

Ex-Vocals: Mei
Ex-Drums: Jakura

Status: Disbanded

bis was formed in mid-2004 when former members of the bands Mei (Maru), Jakura (Seika), and Usagi (tsukasa) came together. They held a first live on the 30th August at Club Citta in Kanagawa, followed swiftly by another appearance at Takadanobaba Area on 15th September.The famous PSCompany label (responsible for, among others, Miyavi and Kagrra) signed the band and shortly afterwards Shunsuke joined as bassist. bis joined the PSC Tribal Arrival Tour in September and October 2004 and their first mini-album ‘Freestyle Rock ~ jinsei wa joujou da’ followed shortly afterwards on the 20th October 2007.


UNKNOWN (1st press)
Believe in style
Kyokutô Strip
Ao no risou
Shu no genjitsu
Freestyle Rock ~ jinsei wa joujou da ~Singles
Yasashii kaze
Nerichagi otome
Heisei komanechi
Extra baka

Tricky Wagon



9 Responses to “bis”

  1. they disbanded on january 2008…I’m so SAD T^T !!!

  2. Why are they disbanded? 😦 Please, I’m really interested it.

  3. i love Bis Maru,Tsukasa,Shunsu and Seika,but more i love Seika,and Maru you have beautiful voice

  4. Bis is best band in Japan,but i’m not Japanese girl i’m from Russia,Seika i love you so much

  5. I love this band. They’re so great!

  6. FIIINE! Maru & Tsukasa ❤

  7. hehe 😀
    on June 12th at Shinjuku HOLIDAY, the session band Garakutabako will be performing!!
    the better news is that Maru, Shunsuke and Tsukasa of bis will be there performing! 😀
    tickets are 2800 yen in advance, and 3300 at the door. (:
    this came off of shattered tranquility guys. :]

  8. Shunske 3<

  9. I can definitely be back.

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