Band: Bereaved

Guitar: Ken Kubo
Guitar: Nori “tahke” Takenaka
Vocals: Tetsu Haramura
Bass: Bill Jokela
Drums: Leo Wakiya

BEREAVED formed in January, 1997, in Tokyo, Japan. Tetsu Haramura(Vo & Gt) and Bill Jokela(Ba) began writing material with lots of melodies, harmonies. In early 1999 the band had their first show in Sangenjaya(Tokyo). But after show, first drummer left the band. In 2000, Tetsu devoted all of his energies to vocals, Ken Kubo joined as a parmanent guitarist. And the band played a couple of high profile shows for which they recruited Keisuke Tsuboi of Vomit Remnants to assist on drums. They headlined a show in Nagoya in April and opened for Ritual Carnage and Krabathor in Takadanobaba (Tokyo). After these shows, Norikazu “Tahke” Takenaka joined.

Album: “The Spirit Driven by Hate”
Mini Album: “What the Wolf Brings”
Demo: “Reclaim”

When I first looked at Bereaved I thought “They look American.” In a sense they do look American, but they’re not. This band from Tokyo seems anything but American. I downloaded ‘Avenger’ off their website for an audio test. They sound like americanized death metal. Not my walk in the park, maybe next time, ne?
~ By DespairsRae (Rae)



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