alice nine.

Band: alice nine.


Vocal: Shou

Bass: Saga

Guitar: Hiroto

Guitar: Tora

Drums: Nao

History: alice nine. formed in 2004 with the same line up they have today. They released their first maxi single, Namae wa madanahi, on July 5th, which sold out during it’s pre-order. In this time alice nine. started a short tour with Ayabie, the last day was sold out.

In September alice nine. signed to the PS Company label and shortly afterwards released their first mini album, Gion shousha no kane ga naru.

The first few months of 2005 saw alice nine.’s first one man live, and their participation in a handful of events. In April they were the opening act for Kagrra’s tour, and in June they began another tour with Ayabie, which took them all over Japan, unlike their first tour with them.

In July alice nine. went back into touring with Kra and bis on PS Company Presents: Tribal Arrival Tour 2005. On the 27th 2007 alice nine. released their second mini album, ALICE IN WONDEЯLAND.

The PS Company organized another tour, the Peace & Smile Carnival Tour, in December, featuring their musicians [The GazettE, Miyavi, etc], once again alice nine. participated. Their official fan club, club ALICE, opened in the same month.

2006 jump started with the release of alice nine.’s first live DVD, ALICE IN WONDEЯ FILM, followed by three singles. One of the singles, Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier, was used as the opening and ending themes for the anime series Ginyu Mokushiroku. Their first full length album, Zekkeishoku, was released on April 26th 2007. They finished the year releasing their second DVD, a single, and by performing at various events.

alice nine. started 2007 off with another DVD release, amongst other things. More notably, alice nine. participated in one of the biggest moments of JRock history, JRock Revolution, on May 25th in Los Angeles, California. Not long after JRock Revolution alice nine. released WHITE PRAYER.

alice nine. released a maxi single, TSUBASA, on October 24th of 2007, which, depending on the type, will contain TSUBASA, 瑠璃の雨 (ruri no ame), and/or FOLLOW ME.

Not only will TSUBASA be released, but alice nine. also plan on releasing their new album, Alpha, on November 28th 2007!

Early 2008 alice nine. had to cancel several shows apart of a tour due to Tore injurying his hand.

Opinion: Only recently have I gotten really into alice nine., and to be honest I have no idea how to put into words how I feel about their music…Lets just say I’ve had one of their songs on repeat for the past few hours, it has played almost 300 times, and I am still loving it.
~ By Jenn

Edited by Aisuru

Albums/minis: Alpha(November 28, 2007), Zekkeishoku(April 26, 2006), Hana Sou Musou Shi, Zekkei Shoku(November 23, 2005), ALICE IN WONDERLAND(July 27, 2005), Gion Shousha no Kane ga Naru(November 17, 2004)

Singles: Namae wa(July 5, 2004), Madanahi(November 16, 2004), Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi(March 30, 2005), Yami ni Chiru Sakura(April 27, 2005), Yuri wa Aoku Saite(May 25, 2005), Kowloon -NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW-(January 25, 2006), Fantasy(February 22, 2006), Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier(February 22, 2006), Blue Planet(October 4, 2006), Number 6(October 4, 2006) JEWELS(March 21, 2007), White Prayer(June 6, 2007), TSUBASA(October 24, 2007), Mirror Ball(March 26, 2008 )

Alice Nine. Official Site
Akatsuki (lyric translations)
Secret alice (blog translations)



9 Responses to “alice nine.”

  1. Q and Stray cat are good songs. I dont know that much about Alice Nine but the songs that I have heard from them are AWESOME!! Thats the only words that I can think of to describe the music played by Alice Nine


  2. Yeah their music is ace, I’m going to buy TSUBASA and Alpha when they come out, and once my wallet gains weight again I will also buy Zekkeishoku. 😀

    I absolutely love Tora for Q., catchy tune, memorable lyrics, and Saga singing with Shou!
    Kya that made me such a happy fangirl, his voice is beautiful. (@___@)

    Sarah if you ever feel like buying some of their stuff I really recommend Zekkeishoku, I’m more than hooked to that album, and really look forward to being able to buy it.

    Yeah, yeah, what’s the point in buying it when you can or have already downloaded it for free?
    I downloaded GazettE’s “STACKED RUBBISH” and Antic Cafe’s “Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~” long before I even ordered them, I knew exactly what I would hear upon playing, but that just doesn’t beat feeling the tingle of excitement course through your veins as you hastily, yet carefully, unwrap the glorious disc.

    I love that feeling. *sighs*

  3. I love this band & thier my absolute favourate right know reason is that of thier melodies and shou’s vocals. I am looking 4 other bands that have good melodies and vocals with minimum screaming i know of duel jewel at the moment.

  4. Hey!
    It is very cool here… I´m from Germany and I can´t speak good English… sry ^^ I write of German:
    Hi, ihr ^^ Ich find eure Musik echt geil und auch der Style! Ich find das echt cool so durch die stadt zu laufen, in Deutschland kennt man Visual Kei nicht wirklich, aber die Gesichter von den Vorbei Laufenden…! XD
    Allein deswegen mag ich Visual Kei!!! =3

    Hab euch alle Lieb (auch die fans) ^^
    gruß aus Deutschland von:

  5. hey
    from the netherlands (west Europe) =P yha there are fans here 2 haha
    I just ordered their new album and downloaded all of their songs hihi Big Fan-girl ^-^
    That new album is amazing so good!!! as espected from A9 (I love the song 9th Revolver the most from the new album)
    their old sogs are realy good 2 I like the Zekkeishoku album 2 =P
    but tora is still the cutest =P of them all
    well need 2 go

    bye bye from The Netherlands

  6. :-3
    i love alice nine…i’ve been a fan for a while now.
    i think the best thing about them is their variations in style. i think that’s very alice nine.

  7. Tora is my fav of all jrock bands!!! (*.*) love Tora forever

  8. Hi!!! um i dont no waht to say but lets start off with this shall we: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVEEE ALICE NINE THEY ARE LIKE TOTALY AWESOME!!!!!! im from califonia but im japanese n blah blah blah.*giggle giggle* Aso thank you because theres no other good blog sites i could type on. n finally i get to express my feelings about alice nine because if i tell them to my friends they all think alice nine looks like chicks n stuff. but any way alice nine is like the bestest. i probably like hiroto n shou the best,i also like the others too but hiroto n shou are the best. i have there CD album ALPHA n rainbows etc. i like akastuki but i dont no where to buy it so i just listen to it on youtube until i buy it
    this has been “a person from califonia ” telling you
    bye bye (´┏_┓`)/

  9. i really like their new album release vandalize……
    it so cool………
    hope i can meet them in personal……
    i really like j-rockerz….
    so i started to collect their lovely pics and download songs now….
    tora is so handsome……
    i’m his no.1 fan…..
    hahaha…..!!!! nose bleed…..
    BTW i’m from philippines….
    i’m filipino……
    hope they tour here in philippines….
    that’s all…..
    i just wanna say 2 them keep up the good work and take…..

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