Kiwamu – Prog & guitar & VJ
Kiwamu new visual

Kaede – Bass & synth-bass
Kae new visual

Fu-Ki – Vocal
Fu-ki new visual

Ryo – Manipulator (keyboards)
Ryo new visual
Former Members:
DAI – Vocal
Takeshi – Vocal & Chorus
Taichi – prog & guitar

Bloodmore Har (The Royal Dead)

Guest Musicians:
Yuu- guitar (Suicide Ali)
Miduki – ??? (ex-Majestic)
Juya – guitar (D’AIR)
Noa – guitar (ex-Brand 0)
Emily Rose – vocals (Hallows End)
EXO-CHICA – vocals (Aural Vampire)

BLOOD was formed in February 2002 in Osaka, and has separate “periods” defined by changing concepts. During the first period Takeshi and Dai joined the band. On the 10th of February 2003 the vocalist Dai left. Blood began their second period and released the mini-album “BLOOD”. Blood performed in the USA at Fanime in 2003. On the 29th February of 2004, Taichi and Takeshi left the band.With Fu~ki, Blood began to move their music in a more deathrock/goth direction. The third period had a vampire concept. Their next series of albums would follow a vampire story much in the vein of Anne Rice’s novels, with the story penned entirely by Fu~ki and music writing handled solely by Kiwamu.In the winter of 2004, they released “Vengeance For BLOOD” and began to tour world wide, starting in Europe. Soon after, Blood was interviewed on the radio show Bad Transitions on 91.7 WIXQ FM, a college radio station based in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The show was also broadcast by internet webcast.

Since the new year they have had tours in the United States with DJ SiSen, a radio broadcast with Roger of Tainted Reality and plan to tour with GPKISM later this [2008] spring. March 16th, 2008, Ryo, whom had participated in lives with them before, joined as an official member.

Hyakuoku no Hikari to Senoku no Kage (百億の光と千億の影)

Collections Item 1st period BEST + demo tracks (コレクターズアイテム第一期BEST+未発表曲集)
Vengeance for Blood
Vengeance for Blood 2
1st Period DX
2nd Period DX
Vengeance for Blood 3
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Darkest Labyrinth – Compilation CD
Morphine/Collector (morphine/コレクター)
Tsuioku ~I Remember You~ (追憶~I remember you~)
The Funeral for Humanity
Spleen ~憂鬱~
Brumes Et Pluies ~霧と雨
Live in USA ~ Infected with Blood
Vengeance for Blood Live in Mexico

Kiwamu’s Blog: (E) (J)
Kaede’s Blog: (E) (J)
Fu-ki’s Blog: (E) (J)
Ryo’s Blog: (E) (J)
Mixi Community
Official BLOOD Street Team
Darkest Labyrinth Website
Darkest Labyrinth Myspace

Click for full-view.
New BLOOD group pic


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