Band: DuelJewel

Vocal: Hayato
Bass: Natsuki
Guitar: Shun
Guitar: Yuya
Drums: VAL

Ex-bassist: Psy
Ex-bassist: Ka-non

Duel had formed in 1997, and in their first year suffered several changes in their line up. Kaze ~The Winding Garden~ was released and distributed for free in August.Yuya joined as a permanent member of Duel Jewel in the later half of 2000, another single. In December they played their first one man show. In May of 2001 they signed with Cyber Force, an indie label. Not long afterwards they went to play their second one man perfomance. After releasing their first album, Lapidary, they followed it up with a tour of Japan, and Ka-non left the band.

2002 focused mainly on performing throughout Japan, and even making their first international performance, which was held at A-Kon in Texas [USA]. A-Kon led to another four performances in America in 2003 at A-Kon again, and three other conventions. By 2006 Duel Jewel had performed with bands such as D, Phantasmagoria, and D’espairs Ray, and signed to a different label, Zero Range Entertainment. On May 25th, 2007, Duel Jewel played at JRock Revolution in LA. es, another maxi single, was released 11th of July [2007].

Albums/minis: Lapidary, Noah, Visions

Singles/demos: Kaze the Winding Garden, Tsuki to Tawamure, Shiro, Kuro, Chinmoku, Vermillion, The Birth, azure, Aishuu melancholy/Life on…, es

DuelJewel Official Website



3 Responses to “DuelJewel”

  1. AHH!! ^o^ I LOVE DUEL JEWEL!! Hayato’s voice is awesome!! He can definitely sing!! The band’s great.

  2. i really luv this band their so aweaome and rock and their fashion is cool.

  3. DuelJewel and HearJapan own

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