Yoshikiko – vocals

Nao – Guitar

Kiri – drums

Kohsuke – bass

Started: 2006
Status: Active

heidi. started in mid 2006 with The ikebukuro CYBER free one-man “birth day” which sold out. From there they released some singles as well as an album. They have tours lined up for the following current location and date.October 25th (wood) Shinjuku LOFT [one man] ■■ “It is deep black” – SOLD OUT

Synchronizer/[hi] [yu] [ru] [ri]
Evening glow and child/Mary

Eddy playing
Wailing 2nd Press




10 Responses to “heidi.”

  1. cool thanx! i was looking for heidi. info. ^^

  2. waaaaaaaah i love this band! They took me by surprise. So awesome.

  3. Hi to every one n__n
    plz…i just want some lyrics
    specially from de album kasou
    thank you >w<-b
    Heidi rlz!
    PD:srry about my english, i’m from argentina n_nU

  4. Uh, I know this is gonna sound D.U.M.B, but is anyone of them a girl? Can’t really make out ^_^”
    Always liked Visual kei!! Dunno why there’s no wikipedia for heidi. TT_TT I like 12012 as well!! they rock!!
    P.S. I love LOOP!!! Cheers to many more great works from heidi. ! Ganbatte yo!!

  5. It’s okay, i found out… Kiri’s the girl right? In the MV of Loop Nao pretty much looked like a girl 😛

  6. Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

  7. From Malaysia I love this band when I watch anime maid sama my favorite anime and yokan song my first favorite song ever my favorite heidi member is bass Kohsuke.Another favorite song loop,sychro,orange drama,rem,hello,charles,utaka and many more awesome song.I will sream when kohsuke playing bass my favorite lover ever

  8. I love Heidi too!!!!
    And I too think Kiri is a girl, and thats sooo cool because is the drummer!!!
    I like drums…
    And I love Heidi!!!
    I really love Yoshikiko’s voice… -/////-

  9. I was an insist Fan as soon as i heard their music my Favorite is Loop….. Hahahahahahh I love Heidi. Their my favorite band

  10. Je parcoure votre papier, et pour moi comme pour pas mal de lecteurs, c’est genial. Comme tout le monde j’affectionne le fait de pouvoir consumer un paragraphe analogue au votre parce que tout le monde y recherche des principes attachants.

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