Danger Gang

Vocals: Waka

Guitar: Hiko

Bass: Thera

Drums: Rei

Ex-bassist: Ka-e

Started: 2002
Status: Active

September 2002, DangerGang is formed by Hiko and Waka, with support members Ka-e on bass and Rei on drums. In 2003 Ka-e becomes an official member and the band plays at ‘Takadanobaba area’ January 15. Their first recorded single ‘DangerGang no theme’, which became avialble for pre-sale at ‘Takadanobu area’ March 26. In April the single hit shevles. June that same year Rei also becomes and official member with the 2nd release of ‘DangerGang no theme’ is limited to 100 copies. July 2004 marked Danger Gang’s first minialubm titled ‘CRASH’ which was in stores on July 18. 2nd of september the “CRASH A DIVE TOUR” starts, ends October 30, a few months thereafter Ka-e leaves the band. January of the next year Thera joins and their second single Samurai is released after a mini tour.

Hearing Waka at first, it was like ‘o.o’. I’ve never heard a female indie, let alone Visual band at the time, especially hearing one that I could easily mistake for a man. Over time, like any new band, you get used to the sound and the vocals. They sound a bit average, not mirroring American all-female bands, but close.
~ By DespairsRae (Rae)

Danger*Gang no Theme

Official Site
First English Danger*Gang Fansite
Planet Asia

danger gang


14 Responses to “Danger☆Gang”

  1. lalalal likey this site

  2. Thank you 😀

  3. who is the one on the far right in that group pic?

  4. That would be Hiko…she looks totally different without the red hair, doesn’t she?

  5. A band of real females? 80
    Wow. Ive heard of them but I thought some of the members were guys. After listening to their myspace page I really like them!

  6. I Love Danger Gang , specially Thera *__* , there music is very nice 🙂 , Awesome info [!].Hiko looks so different =O

  7. Danger Gang rocks! *LOL* (^3^)

  8. I love Danger Gang
    Thera and Waka are my favorites
    Their music is much better than I initially thought it was going to be too

    nice site btw ^^

  9. Danger Gang is a beautiful boy band. I LOVE DANGER GANG .

  10. I LOVE KA-E


  12. i heart waka

  13. @ mikansei: Danger Gang is an all female VK band xD

  14. I will actually be back.

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