HIZAKI (ヒザキ)
Birthdate: February 17th 1979
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Kyoto
Cigarette: Lucia

Part : Guitar
Guitar : ESP
Amp : Brunetti


  • Kappa Records
  • Sequence Records
  • SherowArtist society
  • CLJ Records (Germany)

Former and Current bands:

  • Garnet Grave (1998)
  • Crack Brain (1999)
  • Schwardix Marvally
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • HIZAKI: Grace Project (2006)
  • Versailles (2007)

Status: Active as a member of the band “Versailles” and solo project “HIZAKI: Grace Project”
Hizaki made his extremely talented debut into the music scene as the guitarist for the band “Garnet Grave” back in 1998. In 1999 he and band bassist Hisume left Grave to join the band “Crank Brain” with Airi, the guitarist of the band Madeth Gray’ll.

Eventually Crank Brain disbanded. But with the disbandment came the birth of the band “Schwardix Marvally”, with Hizaki being the bands “mother.” Airi told Hizaki of his ex-bands vocalist, Hisui. Schwardix released two EPs (one of which was a cover album) before their eventual disbandment. Not wanting to be bandless, Hizaki stumbled on the band “Sulfuric Acid.” Along with being a member of Acid, Hizaki was also letting his creative juices flow with the start of his solo career. In 2004 Hizaki released the album Maiden Ritual. With 2005 brought the creation of two more EPs “Dance With Grave” and “Maiden Ritual – Experiemnt Edition.” Hizaki announced in 2006, the creation of a new solo project called “HIZAKI: Grace Project.” Grace Project is a project that included the talents of many people developed in the Visual Kei world. One of which was Juka from the late “Moi dix Mois” being the vocalist for the first album “Dignity of Crest.” The band “Versailles” was announced in 2007, and with it came four of the members from Grace Project. Formed by Hizaki, Versailles includes fellow H:PG members: bassist Jasmine You from “Jyakura”, fellow guitarist Teru from the band “Aikaryu”, and drummer Yuki from “Sugar Trip.” Also Kamijo from the band “Lareine” joins the team as the bands vocalist.

HIZAKI: Grace Project released new albums Ruined Kingdom of 19 September 2007 and Curse of Virgo on 26 December 2007




  • Maiden Ritual (29 Sept 2004)
  • Dance With Grace (27 Apr 2005)
  • Hizaki – Double pack (27 Apr 2005)
  • Maiden Ritual – Experiment Edition (27 Apr 2005)
  • Dignity of Crest (1 Jan 2007)
  • Ruined Kingdom (19 Sep 2007)
  • Curse of Virgo (26 Dec 2007)
DoC RK cov


  • Lyrical Symphony (31 Oct 2007)
  • The Revenant Choir” (also released as DVD single) (23 Jun 2007)
  • A Noble Was Born in Chaos (19 Mar 2008)


  • Monshou (2007)


  • Summit 03
  • Graceful Playboys
  • Unique (coupling CD with +Isolation)



3 Responses to “HIZAKI”

  1. Versailles also has a new single A noble’s birth or something.

  2. I like his Curse Of Virgo, even though it doesn’t have any singing whatsoever. It’s beat is addicting and the electric guitar is fast and crazy. I guess that’s what you get for playing for that long. Thanks for the information.

  3. yuki isn’t and hasn’t been member of hizaki grace project. The drummer for hgp is mikage and has always been. 😀

    ps. versailles first full lenght album is out, Noble.

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