Profiles M-Z

If we’re missing a band that you listen to you can do either of the following:

  • Leave the Band Name, OHP, Myspace/Mixi, blog


  • Complete a profile yourself and send it to for credit and display on our website.

Band Myspaces

Please select a band from the following below!


19 Responses to “Profiles M-Z”

  1. […] Band Profiles M-Z […]

  2. Please add more.
    This is my favorite site~


    You’ve helped me learn about amazing bands!

  3. Oh~
    Could you put stuff about Sugar tooo?

  4. Oh sure, I’m really sorry I haven’t done much with the band profiles lately.

    It’s such a chore.

    I’ll do what I can, I haven’t been able to find a good enough translator to get the biography on their site in understandable English.

    Hey, Sugar should be up by Monday, thanks for your patience.

  5. *twitches slightly at the thought of Loki*

  6. Hey, leave Loki and his eyebrows (or lack thereof) alone…he’s cute!

  7. Riiiiiiiight, we’ll see if you still think that after I upload this picture. 😆

  8. Tell me when teh page is done =o

  9. Ok, finally got around to actually finishing the last part of Sugar’s profile.

    Akiyo, sorry for being slow.
    I’m going to be working on some more band profiles, actually, yeah, right now I will start.

    I’ll look for the other band you mentioned this weekend, cannot promise anything.

  10. Newish:

    Phantasmagoria profile edited.

  11. New:
    Moi dix Mois

  12. thanx for this list.

  13. Please add Plastic Tree.

  14. xtripx, onegaishimasu ^^

  15. Add ” maximum the Harmone” There my fave!

  16. You can also add: SuG,SID,Screw,Onmyo-Za,Maruru,Kurt,Kazoku

  17. vistlip and Mello please?

  18. another missing band: vistlip

  19. xTRIPx?!?….

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