Vocals: Sakurai Atsushi

Guitar, Electronics & Misc Noise: Imai Hisashi

Guitar & Keyboard: Hoshino Hidehiko

Bass: Higuchi Yutaka

Dums & Percussion: Yagami Toll

Started: 1984
Status: Active

BUCK-TICK originally formed in 1984 under the name ‘HinanGO-GO’ (非難GO-GO; AttackGO-GO) and changed their name to Buck-Tick in the same year. The band’s name is pronounced bakuchiku in Japanese, the same as the word for “firecracker.” Although they use different surnames, Toll and Yutaka are brothers. During the band’s independent period, they were supported by the indies label Taiyo Records (太陽レコード) and released the single To-Search/Plastic Syndrome and the album Hurry Up Mode. Their major label debut was the Album Sexual xxxxx! in 1987 which can be described as their “Beat Punk” period. In 1988, their hit “Just One More Kiss” won “Rookie of the Year” at the Japan Record Awards. With their third album “Taboo” Buck-Tick took a new direction influenced by the dark sound style of Dauner. After canceling a tour and taking a 6 month break in 1989, the band had a comeback playing in Tokyo Dome in front of 43,000 people. When Aku no Hana was released in 1990, it debuted at the number 1 position on the Oricon album charts. In the 90s, Buck-Tick became a pioneer in the formation of the visual kei rock scene with both industrial and goth influences. In 1997 they changed to the label Mercury. During this time they moved at a slower pace and began moving in different directions with their music. In 2005, a remix of their song ドレス (Dress) called ドレス(BLOODY TRINITY MIX)was used as the opening theme song of the anime Trinity Blood. In 2007 their released ‘Alice in Wonder Underground’ which, by some fans, was not their best work. 2008 is the chance to rebound.

To-Search/Plastic Syndrome[4]
Just One More Kiss
Aku no Hana (悪の華; Flowers of Evil)
Speed (スピード)
Dress (ドレス)
Uta (唄; Song)
Kodou (鼓動; Heartbeat)
Mienai Mono o Miyo to Suru Gokai Subete Gokai da (見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ; Misunderstanding of Seeing Everything Invisible, Everything is Misunderstanding)
Candy (キャンディ)
Heroin (ヒロイン)
Sasayaki (囁き; Whisper)
Gessekai (月世界; Moon World)
Bran-New Lover
Miu (ミウ)
21st Cherry Boy
Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete (極東より愛を込めて; From the Far East with Love)
Zangai (残骸; Ruins)
Gensou no Hana (幻想の花; Illusory Flower)
Kagerou (蜉蝣-かげろう-; May Fly -The Ephemeral-)
Rendezvous ~ランデヴー~
Alice in Wonder Underground

Seventh Heaven
Aku no Hana (悪の華; Evil Flowers’)
Kurutta Taiyou (狂った太陽; Lunatic Sun)
Koroshi no Shirabe This Is NOT Greatest Hits (殺シノ調ベ This Is NOT Greatest Hits; Killing of Tune This Is NOT Greatest Hits)
Darker Than Darkness -style93-
Sexy Stream Liner
One Life, One Death
Kyokutou I Love You (極東 I Love You; I Love You Far East)
Mona Lisa Overdrive
13kai wa Gekkou (十三階は月光; 13th Floor with Moonshine)
Tenshi no Revolver (天使のリボルバー; Angel’s Revolver)

Hurry Up Mode
Hurry Up Mode (1990 Mix)
Symphonic Buck-Tick in Berlin
Shapeless (シェイプレス)
Catalogue 1987-1995
Sweet Strange Live Disc
One Life, One Death Cut Up
Super Value Buck-Tick
At the Night Side
悪魔とフロイト -Devil and Freud- Climax Together 2004
Catalogue 2005

BUCK-TICK website
Sakurai Atsushi website
Lucy website
dropz website
Wild Wise Apes website
Yagami Toll & the Blue Sky website



3 Responses to “BUCK-TICK”

  1. graet the infotmation about buck tick …
    i love atsushi sakurai….<3

  2. I’m not sure where you get the idea that 2008 is their ‘chance to rebound’. Their festival and the album Tenshi no Revolver were a sucsess and Imai has said he intends to continue with this syle and sound for their next album wich they have already begun the first phase of work on. Atsushi has spoken in interviews of his great gratitude for 2007 and Imai has been on cloud 9 ever since their festival, virtualy gushing about how happy he is, how much he loves his bandmates, and how great the fans are. What is there to rebound from?

    Anyhow, THIS fan realy loves AliceIWU and was happy to see Imai writing such a fun cute song like he used to in the early albums. 😉 Weather or not it could stand alongtside their ‘best work’ is very subjective. What would ‘some fans’ list as their ‘best work’ anyhow, out of a 20 year carear of diverse music styles?

  3. “Rebound” is an opinion. Every band has a rise and fall, some do not recover from that “fall”. Some do, and they rebound.

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