Dir en Grey

Band: Dir En Grey

Vocals: Kyo
Bass: Toshiya
Guitar: Die
Guitar: Kaoru
Drums: Shinya

Ex-bassist: Kisaki


When La:Sadies split in 1997, four of the five members went on to create Dir En Grey. Toshiya was formally accepted as the band’s new bassist in early 1997.When “Jealous” and “-I’ll-” were released in 1998, Dir En Grey became the first independent [Japanese] band to enter the Oricon Top 10, and through that caught Yoshiki’s [X-Japan] attention.

With Yoshiki’s help in producing all of Dir En Grey’s singles in 1999, they released their first full length album, Gauze, which showed the band progressing into a more individual style. Gauze’s success transformed Diru into a major act.

Dir En Grey and Yoshiki parted in 2000, and released another album, Macabre, which was followed by their first tour outside of Japan. Six Ugly was released shortly after.

When Withering to Death was released in 2005, Dir En Grey achieved their first non-Asian chart position in Finland. The band announced their first European tour, one performance in Germany, the other in France. Both performances sold out.

In early 2006 the band set their eyes on the U.S., they performed in Austin, NYC, and LA, followed by the American release of Withering to Death.

Diru went on their own one-man tour through America in February of this year [2007], and released their sixth full length album, The Marrow of a Bone.

For Shinya’s birthday [2/24] he said he would reveal secrets at 30, come to the community’s surprise, he only gave a nickname.

I don’t really want to say much about Dir En Grey, they were the band that really hit Japanese music off for me. It just saddens me seeing what success has done to this band…Music isn’t the only thing that matters to me, how they act does too. Diru used to be full of smiles, and messing around, now it just seems like an ego trip. If they ever stumble across this, and read it, which I highly doubt, I apologise to the fullest.

I don’t listen to them as much as I used to, purely because it makes me sad, but I still enjoy their music. I’ve always loved how harsh their songs can be, yet they still have melodies. Kyo may shout and scream a lot, but boy, does he have an amazing voice, I just wish he would demonstrate his wide range a bit more.

Although I discovered them when their more Western sounding albums came out, I personally prefer their older songs, there’s something that just puts me off when I hear a lot of English from a Japanese band. I don’t know, it just makes me feel as if they’re not doing it for themselves, but purely to appeal to a larger audience. I don’t blame them for doing that, it’s a fairly smart move, I know several Japanese bands appealing to a wider audience currently, but it just seems wrong.
~ By Jenn

Albums/EPs: Missa, Gauze, Kisou, Six Ugly, Vulgar, Withering to Death, The Marrow of a Bone

Singles: Jealous, -I’ll-, Akuro no Oka, Yurameki, -Zan-, Cage, Yokan, Myaku, [KR] Cube, Taiyou no Ao, Ain’t Afraid to Die, Filth, Jessica, Embryo, Child Prey, Drain Away, Kasumi, The Final, Saku, Clever Sleazoid, Ryoujoku no Ame, Agitated Screams of Maggots, Dozing Green

Dir En Grey Official Site
Obscure [Uncut, youtube]



8 Responses to “Dir en Grey”

  1. I´m came from doitsu/Germany ^^
    I´ll write in German… >_<” :
    Ich liebe euch alle Dir en Grey und Fans!! ^^ -Es verstehen mich zwar nicht viele, wenn ich Pech habe gar keiner aber egal -.-….
    I love you (Ich liebe dich)
    I like Dir en Grey (Ich mag Dir en Grey)
    … mehr weiß ich nit -ineressiert sowieso keinen *heul*


  2. Dank für Aufhalten durch, ^___^ Ich mah Dir en Grey auch.

  3. schöne Sache ^^ *freu*
    Ist das alles so…: Englisch????? -Würd mich nur ma interessieren…? ^^
    HeaL XXD


  4. i love shinya he rocks and kyo is evil


  6. I feel your pain and understand you entirely.
    Dir en grey is in a tough place right now, the pressure to amerikanize for the sake of their new “fans” over here (its disgusting how all they do is drool over how Kyo cuts himself) That and they are getting older. But when it comes down to it, their music does not contain nearly as much orginality nor emotion that it used to.
    I was listening to Kisou this last week and the wide range of emotions in Kyo’s voice as well as the diversity from song to song still puts tears in my eyes and fills me with awe. I wasn’t all that impressed with Withering to Death and I actually dislike Marrow….very much so.
    It’s all based on anger and its mostly in ENGLISH
    I hate the english language, especially comming from a foreign band. So once again i know how you feel lol
    but Don’t get me wrong, Dir en grey is still my favorite band and forever will be. And i still find myself very happy for them that they are gaining a world recognition, but I discovered them shortly after the release of GAUZE and hearing them the way they are now makes me miss thier old ways of not sticking to one particular style…

    I don’t know. I rant a lot 🙂
    I am just very passionate about this band!

  7. I agree entirely about them Westernizing themselves. I really miss their older stuff. I also got into them right after Gauze and their new sound doesn’t agree with my ears. I only liked 2 songs on Withering to death and I couldnt get past listening to the Marrow CD… I really didn’t like it. I’ll love them because Ive loved them since I was young but the passionate fangirl in me is fizzing out.


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