The following are a small collection of graphics you can use on your website to link back to us to show your support. ♥

  • Kiwamu eye Banner
  • Sakura Button
  • LM.C Banner
  • BLOOD Banner
  • Alice nine banner
  • D Banner
  • sisenbanner.png
  • kozibanner.png


16 Responses to “Banners”

  1. Its a Jrock pyramid!!

    I tried to cover a range of all the jrock with those 4 banners. I figure that way it’s kinda like all we represent.

  2. make an tiny one so I can use it on deviantART 😆

  3. Wasn’t exactly sure where to go for this, but how does one go about becoming affiliates with you guys? My friend and I are running a review blog, and would be glad to make affiliates with you guys 🙂

    We’re over here if you guys are interested:

  4. Hello, I have sent you an email in case you don’t check for this comment. I’d be glad to add you to our affiliates.

  5. I’m not getting the email, it seems. We don’t have a banner or anything, but we’ll go ahead and add you guys to our affiliates list.

  6. Would you like me to make you a banner?

    If so just let me know the size and what you want on it 🙂

  7. I just sent the email to you. ^^; Slow server.

  8. Nice links but a bit too big. I linked you on my Croatian site Kamen, but without the link image.
    Don’t need it.

  9. Well thank you ^^.
    Mind if we add you to the affiliate roll?

  10. Sure!
    I’ve got two sites. One is it is my Croatian Visual kei blog that you probably won’t understand so rather add my VOX Visual kei blog

    Thank you ^^!

  11. Done.

  12. Thank you soo much for linking Kamen「カメン」and Rockerica ^_^ *gives a big hug*

  13. ^___^

    You never know when someone might find the Croatian one useful ^^

  14. Kocham Asugi;*

  15. How do you get the link for all the banners?
    I currently have a Jrock Meet-up group on myspace, and I have a lot of banners that Sisen kindly shared with me.
    Although I wouldn’t mind more…

  16. It is amazing how many people you emailing you and not one of you have answered them back at all call me blunt but that isn’t how a band is how to act. Tell me something if you ever get this and ever reply back what makes a true star I know you would say that it would be the money,looks,fame,but that doesn’t look like any of you care about your fans or anyone that support you just keep going the same way you are.

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