Name: Juka

Former band(s):
Moi dix Mois, HIZAKI Grace Project

Position: Vocals




Mana discovered Juka in 2002, when nothing was known of him. Juka, at that time like his band colleague Kazuno, was a newcomer to the Japanese scene. Together with Mana, they produced three singles, two albums and two live DVD’s as well a numberless live concerts with the band. Juka left Moi Dix Mois after the “Invite to Immortality Tour Final” concert April 30, of 2005. Like many other bands, the reason was based on retirement and musical disagreements. Shortly after near the end of 2006, Juka reemerged as the vocalist for Japanese musician Hizaki under a band called Hizaki Grace Project. ‘Dignity of Crest’ was released by the start of 2007. Not too long after the Hizaki Grace Project, Juka announced the start of his solo career while continuing activities with Hizaki. Juka’s first maxi single Aravesque was released March 28, 2007 which was helped produced by the vocalist of Lareine, Kamijo as well as Hizaki and Juka, himself.


2 Responses to “Juka”

  1. […] Juka […]

  2. I love his voice, and sings. They’re really nice.

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