Former band(s):
Malice Mizer, Cains:Feel, Gackt solo career, GacktJOB

Current Band:

Vocals, piano

Albums & EPs
Love Letter

Saikai ~Story~
Secret Garden
Kimi no Tameni Dekiru Koto
Another World
Jūnigatsu no Love Song
Wasurenai Kara
Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume
Tsuki no Uta
Last Song
Kimi ni Aitakute
Arittake no Ai De
Black Stone
Todokanai Ai to Shitteita…
Love Letter
No ni Saku Hana no Youni
Returner ~Yami no Shuen~

Remix of Gackt
The Sixth Day
The Seventh Night
Jūnigatsu no Love Song ~Complete Box~



Gackt Camui was born in Okinawa, Japan, on a July 4 (year unknown), as the second of three children (he has an older sister and a younger brother). His father was a jazz musician who played the trumpet. In 1995, Gackt joined Malice Mizer as the group’s vocalist, lyricist and pianist. Fan base and record sales grew substantially over the following years and the band became known for its distinct visual kei theme, with elaborate costumes, on-stage scenery and theatrics. Malice Mizer released two albums with Gackt, Voyage ~Sans Retour~ and Merveilles.

When Gackt began seeking further creative control over the group’s compositions, as opposed to just writing the lyrics, he was removed from the group. Gackt launched his solo career on May 12, 1999 with the release of the EP Mizerable. Several albums, singles and videos have since followed. Gackt’s music has also been featured as theme songs for anime and video games multiple times, such as New Fist of the North Star, Texhnolyze, Bujingai and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

He has also provided voice acting, motion capturing and his likeness for such works on several occasions and co-wrote and co-starred in the 2003 movie Moon Child, which also features Hyde (vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel). In the same year, Gackt published his autobiography, Jihaku. On May 25, 2007, the formation of the supergroup Skin was announced, which besides Gackt consists of fellow pop/rock artist Miyavi, former Luna Sea guitarist Sugizo, and X Japan co-founder Yoshiki. The group gave its debut performance at the Anime Expo convention in California on June 29, 2007 and plans to release an album. Besides Japanese, he speaks English, Korean, French, and Mandarin, with varying degrees of fluency. Currently he is doing vocal work for the band S.K.I.N. with Sugizo, Miyavi and Yoshiki.


16 Responses to “Gackt”

  1. Geile Sache!! O.O
    Good job!!
    This page is sheer madness!!!!
    I´m from doitsu/Germany^^ -so, I write in German…:
    Gackt du bist echt genial! Ich grüße alle Fans hier!! *knuddel*
    I love it/his/…?


  2. Danke, Ich nicht liebe Gackt-san, XD

    I’m very rusty, excuse my errors. ^^;

  3. XD
    Hört sich gut an XP (Ich kanns bestimmt auch nicht besser….)
    Ich kann kein Englisch und werde einfach ma weiter auf Deutsch schreiben ^^

    Gruß an alle:

  4. I´m from germany so I write in german:
    Ey! gackt, du solltest echt ma weggesperrt werden!! So frech zu den Menschen zu sein!! Vorallem zu Frauen oder Mädchen!! >.< (Schäm dich…!)
    Echt mal so krass geil auszusehen! Weißt du eigendlich wie du manchen das Herz stiehlst?!?? Das ist gemein *heul* meins hast du auch schon gestohlen….!
    XD X3 ^^ mach ja weier so! hehe *freu*

    gruß aus deutschland von:

  5. Name:

    lol Gacchan~ xD

  6. Blame people he worked with for Gacchan. XD

  7. the year he was born was 1974

  8. Do you have proof of that?

  9. wow…im not good with these reply thingies, but does gackt read these? if not, eh, whats the point? like he has time for me anyway. well, i just wanted to say that gackt has been

  10. “really smexy” sorry, i never added that part, i need to proof read next time!

  11. Gackt does not read these. These profiles are for educational purposes for fans new and old coming into the scene or taking one last look on memories. Some bands read their profiles that we have of them.

  12. I believe Gackt is born on 1973 because at the ending video of his Sixth Day & Seventh Night Tour DVD there’s a tombstone with Gackt’s name on it and the birth year said 1973. Even though Gackt has never publically tell his birth year I would say with great confidence that it is 1973

  13. hello-! Gackt is AMAZING singer! gacchan forever!!!!

  14. hi !! this page is awsome… *w* i love gackt… well… i`m from mexico… but i have more preferences to J-music an d i have 2 say that gackt is one of my favorits artist… hehe ipm going to tell you in spanish!!!
    GACKt ven a mexico porque tienes muchos fans en espera desde hace mucho tiempo !!!! te amamos!!!! ^^ pero mas yo!! hehe

  15. Oh Gackt ich liebe dich!!
    Du bist echt so cool und siehst sowas von klasse aus mega sexy einfach hammer geil!!
    Du bist so klasse und der beste Sänger überhaupt.
    GACKT 4-EVER!!!!

    Schöne Grüße aus Österreich

  16. Even though I’m not really familiar with Gackt, I’ve read this page. He seeems awesome! He is gorgeous!

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