Band: Girugamesh (Gilgamesh)

Vocals: satoshi
Bass: shuU
Guitar: Nii
Drums: Яyo

Girugamesh was formed in 2004 in Tokyo be the four band members, and performed it’s first live at Motoyawata ROUTE14 on March 24th, 2004, releasing their first demo [kosaki uta] ~kaijou kata enban~. The band played many more lives and released several more singles, including their first maxi-single, [kaisen sengen] ~kikaku kata enban~, which reached #10 on the Oricon Indies charts.Giru has played with artists such as HenzeL, Marusa, Luvie, Danger Gang, and Deathgaze. They were also part of J Rock Revolution and played their first American show in Los Angeles, California in May.Fans are currently awaiting their 2nd full length album, Reason of Crying to be released July 18th of this year.

Opinion: Girugamesh has been and remains one of my favorite bands. They’ve had a hugely prolific career, releasing tons of singles and maxi singles, as well as a full length album with another one on the way. Thei music is hard and heavy, and Satoshi’s angry growls are the perfect accent to the grinding guitars and bass riffs.
~ By Samehada

Albums/mini-albums: goku ~shohan kata enban~, 13’s Reborn, Reason of Crying

Singles/maxis: jelato, [kaisen sengen] ~kikaku kata enban~, mikongyaku, [kaisen sengen] 2nd press, [kuukyo no utsuwa]~kyosaku kata enban~, [kosaki uta]~kaijou kata enban~, kyozetsusarata tsukue-tandoku kata enban-, [Fukai no yami] -mayosake kata enban-, risei kairan, honnou kaihou, [Zero]-mukei kata enban-, omae ni sasageru minikui koe
DVD: Volcano

Demo: [shisaku kata enban]
Omnibus: senjuu kyouto uta, KINDLING VOL.1

Girugamesh’s Official Page
Kaisen Sengen (fan page)



5 Responses to “Gilgamesh”

  1. yo, schon wieder die erste XD!!
    (I´m from german so I wirte in german):
    Hey, ihr seid echt geil! Momentan hab ich leider nur ein Lied von euch… In Deutschland kriegt man die nur zu ziemlich teuren Preisen… Also das Lied was ich habe (owari to mirai), das ist schonma echt geil! ^^
    ich zieh mir dann bald endlich ma mehr Lieder von euch XP

    Grüße aus deutschland an euch und fans! von:

  2. uwaa…girugamesh!! i ❤ Яyo and i like their songs, like “Volcano”, “Glamorous Sky”, “Fukai no Yami”, “Owari to Mirai” ^-^

  3. Fukai no yami and Vulcano!! My fav songs. And love Ryo,’course. XD This is my fav band right now.

  4. The best band on the Planet.

    You guys should try out Kowareteiku Sekai and Shadan for size 😀

  5. Oh. and Satoshi is best :3

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