A Temporary Hiatus

Dear Readers;

Its Rae and Samehada here with another announcement. JV is taking a temporary (I hope) hiatus until some issues can be ironed out and some wrinkles in our lives panned out.

It’s not that we’re leaving the scene…it’s just that we need to fix issues (like Rae said) and get back to having fun, you know? It’s been a hell of a year, with ups and downs…good stuff and bad, we’ve changed formats a billion times, it seems…and when we come back, it’ll be better and stronger…and Rae and I will be refreshed! (We hope)

The pages will stay up, but posting will be disabled for all staff excluding Rae and myself, I will still check here from time to time to make sure that nothing has come up that needs our attention, so feel free to continue commenting.

We’re moving on to more tranquil waters, getting in touch with the shattered fangirl inside ourselves.

If you get bored, check out http://sweet-vanity.com/ in the next few weeks. Its our new playground.

~~~Ja ne~~~ bai bai ^_~


4 Responses to “A Temporary Hiatus”

  1. Please do ur best.I hope you can make JV better.I wish you luck on your new adventure.

  2. Aw, isn’t that sad. D:

    I do hope you come back refreshed and restored, though~ 😀

  3. dude, I know I have been like AWOL, but I come here alot T_T good luck and email me whenever you be free 😛

  4. ohay^^

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