Teddy Loid

(The sign that he provokes the audience to use whenever he is DJing. You can find him in many pictures doing this.)

Name: Teddy Loid
Real Name: Sakakibara Teddy
Age: 18
Birthday: Aug 23,1989

Teddy Loid is a talented artist from Japan that has the profound ability to beatbox, DJ, and MC. Starting to find interesting in music at the early age of 2, he used to find his fun in playing with his parents musical instruments. When he was 9 years old, he watched a beat boxing video on the internet that really took his interest. Since he was so impressed by it, he decided that he would want to do this in years to come, and begun to teach himself how. At the early age of 15, he was an official professional in the beat boxing world. Since becoming a famous beat boxer, he has written and arranged many songs for a wide variety of people.

Now, he’s been given the opportunity to become even more of a popular person by touring alongside Miyavi, for his 2008 World Tour. He is the MainDJ and a sound producer. Miyavi has referred to him many times as the good luck charm of sorts, and that he will help the tour go better.

Current Happenings: Miyavi World Tour 2008!

Mixed Songs:
Senor Senora Senorita (miyavi)
Freedom Fighters (miyavi)
Pop is Dead (miyavi)
Crawling Up
France Remix
We Are Teddy Boys
It Faces It Now


4 Responses to “Teddy Loid”

  1. […] the only one’s that have been updated so far is Miyavi and the new addition of Teddy Loid. Soon, though, there will be MANY more updated, and rewritten. Just for you all to know about the […]

  2. I saw Teddy Loid. Word xD~<3
    World Tour with MYV, Brazil 2008~

  3. Thanks for this profile write-up! A very interesting read. =)

  4. oooomg!!!!!! Riitsu!!! you are sooooo lucky girl!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!

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