Band: Kagrra,

Vocals: Isshi

Bass: Nao

Guitar: Sin/Shin

Guitar: Akiya

Drums: Izumi

Started: 1998
Status: Active

History: Kagrra, was formed October 1998 under the name Crow. For a while they worked with the record company, Key Party. In 1999 though, they left Key Party and got a contract with PS Company. They changed their name to Kagrra,, but it was not official until their release January 1, 2004. One interesting fact to note is that Kagrra is a twisted way of spelling kagura which can be alluded in kanji as god of music (even though it really means the place of god). What is even more interesting is that Kagrra, is a visual kei rock group whose costumes reflect different periods of Japanese history.

Mini-albums/Albums: Nue, Sakura, Irodori, Kirameki, Gozen, Ouka Ranman, Miyako, San, Shizuku, Core.

Maxi-singles/Singles: Genwaku no Jokei, Memai, Kami uta, Tsurezure Naru Mama Ni, Yume Izuru Chi, Irohanihoheto, Kakashi, Sakura Maichin Ano Oka De, Kotodama, Haru Urara, Yotogibanashi, Urei, Rin, Omou, Genei no Katachi, Sarasouju no Komoriuta, Chikai no Tsuki, Utakata.

Demos: Hyakuyae, Kotodama

Kagrra,’s Official
Official MySpace



One Response to “Kagrra,”

  1. the Kaggra, was my first jrock band. Thanx for Kaggra, now I love so many bands that I cannot follow how many are now. But they still one of my fav, yeah.

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