Interview with Gothique Prince Ken of GPKISM

GPKISM is a Baroque fusion of electronic and Gothic music. This project, combines the styling of Kiwamu, guitarist and programmer of BLOOD and the romantic-esque atmosphere of Australian born Gothique Prince Ken.

Note: Kiwamu would like me to tell you, although some questions (now edited out) was referring to him, GPKISM is GPK so only he answered the questions.


For those who do not know who you are, would you please introduce yourself?
GPK: Greetings everyone. I am GPK, vocal and composer for GPKISM. It is indeed a pleasure and honor for to have such attention directed at us.

GPK, did Kiwamu approach you about the project or did you approach him? And what is the motive behind GPKISM?
GPK: Last year Kiwamu approached me on myspace. He was really excited about the project and wanted me to join his record label. However, I only had a few songs and they weren’t even finished; so he graciously offered to become my guitarist and producer. As for GPKISM’s motive; above all else, we wanted to establish a sanctuary for those who are being suffocated by the banal stereotypes of a certain musical genre. But the project’s still in its infancy, and we’re still throwing around ideas and evolving it as we go along.

What is it like working together?
GPK: Kiwamu is one of the most dedicated artists I’ve ever met. It is such an honor to collaborate with him. His musical practice continues to inspire me and I’ve learned an incredible amount from him ever since we started working together.

With one of you living in Japan and the other in Australia how does your music come together?
GPK: Through the twisted miracle of the internet.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?
GPK: Love. Love is the inspiration for all my lyrics. It is the most profound and potent of all human emotions.

Your style as GPKISM is dark and sensual. Did you both have a hand in deciding what your visual should look like? Or was it a decision made by one of you? Also how did you come up with the style?
GPK: We really wanted our aesthetic to be an extension of our musical passions. Kiwamu and I discussed the key visual aspects of the project, the final decision was the synthesis of both our ideas. The idea simply harmonized with the music style of GPKISM, and in order to create the perfect balance.

What made you decide to make music your focus? What would you be doing now if you weren’t a musician?
GPK: I wanted to use this project to expand the artistic ideal. To me, music is the most passionate and effective art form to by which to present an idea to the audience. I wouldn’t call myself a musician yet, as I’m still really just experimenting. If I wasn’t doing this musical project, I would undoubtedly be a visual artist.

Your music has spread very quickly! Are you surprised by the amount of overseas fans you have considering you haven’t toured America or Europe yet?
GPK: Ever since I joined Darkest Labyrinth, the response from our fans has been totally overwhelming. None of this would have been possible without Kiwamu.

Do you plan to come to America soon?
GPK: Sure, if you’ll have me ^_^

For those who would want to check out GPKISM, where is your music available?
GPK: If you want to take a listen, we’ve got a bunch of tracks uploaded on our myspace page: (; if you like what you hear, you can pick our album up at – just search for GPKISM.

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?
GPK: You are all utterly perfect. ❤

And thank you to GPK for being so sweet and Kiwamu for helping us along smoothly. ❤ I would also like to point out GPKISM’s CD Sublimis is also available on the iTunes music store and at cdbaby.

© JrockVisual 2008


~ by Samehada on April 26, 2008.

24 Responses to “Interview with Gothique Prince Ken of GPKISM”

  1. GPK is love

  2. He is a darling really.

  3. such a doll

  4. Total and complete mega super ultra win!! I ❤ this I am soo excited, I can’t wait until we get the next interview back.

  5. GPK is squeelicious. ^^

  6. GPK is wonderful, as GPKISM also is perfect.
    It was so lovely to read this interview^__^

  7. Can’t wait to see GPK perform!

  8. I’ve now gotten a chance to sit down and actually read it without msn going off at the bottom of my screen. Its a very sensual interview in the fact that it just seems like its a face to face meeting instead of face to email. ❤ GPK

  9. gpk is a twit

  10. Kira, care to elaborate a bit on that?

  11. Aww he said we were perfect! ❤ He’s perfect too~! Especially his voice! ^-^

    Anyways thank you so much for doing this interview with him. It felt very personal rather than a formal interview.

  12. Your welcome. Its been a very heart warming interview with him.

  13. Nice interview! Really great questions!!

    He’s a really nice guy, very warm and friendly, and sounds beautiful–in fact, he sounds exactly the same live, as he does recording which is impressive, as most vocalists sound….well, not as good live, as recorded, shall we say. ^.^;;;;

  14. GPK is really sweet~ ♥

    I enjoyed reading the interview, thank you! ♥

  15. Haha~
    You really joined the fanlisting!
    Thank you!

    Everything else is for the love of GPK! ^__________^

  16. Of course we did!! We want to support him and make sure that everyone gets to hear his music!

  17. I really enjoyed listening to Sublimis, I was looking for a fanlisting for him a few weeks ago, but found nothing. I’m really glad you made it since more people really should find out about him even though he is not Japanese. Hell, we are a jrock and visual kei based news site, but we decided to interview him. I don’t think people should check him out just because of Kiwamu, but also because he has this sort of awe in his music that more people should know about, even if they only listen to jrock.

  18. I agree.
    GPK is a twit.
    And I hate him.

  19. oMG seriously i am a twit, i didnt even know that gpk was australia i did think he was japanese and i feel like a real idiot coz whne i met him i spoke to him in japanese *is red faced* id like to find out more information on him how do i do it?

  20. “Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?
    GPK: Love. Love is the inspiration for all my lyrics. It is the most profound and potent of all human emotions.”

    Love for who? urself? hypocrit , dirty bastard…You don,t know the real meaning of love!!! liar!!

  21. @One of them : You say that but you don’t know everyting 🙂

  22. @one of them: shut up, stop spreading lies – its called calumny.

  23. @ jade :
    Im sure it’s a girl which doent know teh whole story, can’t understand, that’s all…
    It’s a bit a pity to see people which spread their private hatred in public to ruin somebody.

  24. Reblogged this on vampirizae.

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