Antic Cafe

Band: Antic Cafe


Vocals: Miku

Bass: Kanon

Drums: Teruki

Guitar: Takuya

Keyboards: Yuki
Ex-Guitarist: Bou


Antique Cafe, or more commonly known as An Cafe, or Antic Cafe, is an Oshare Kei band that was formed in 2003 by Miku, Kanon, and Bou. Shortly after the release of their first two demos, Ope.Ning and Uzumaki Senshokutai, Teruki joined the band as their permanent drummer. Bou actually came up with the band name, he got an idea from the horse, Manhatten Cafe, that he cheered for. When they checked the dictionary for precise meanings “antic” fit what they wanted to be better than “athletic” which was their original choice. Three albums, and several singles later, Bou left An Cafe on April 30th, 2007 after the concert at Hibiya Yagai Ongaku Dou for personal reasons. He was replaced by Takuya, along with another new addition, Yuuki, An Cafe’s keyboardist. Since then they have released a single, Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a “Name”~. Ryuusei Rocket was released November 2007. As far as ex-members, Bou is not in Wedday!
Many people refer to An Cafe as Oshare Kei, when really, they consider themselves to be Harajuku Kei. Their own way of forcing themselves out of the ordinary.

Being an Oshare Kei band they wear colorful clothing, and on occasion look rather androgynous. Their music ranges from typical rock songs with screaming, shouting and catchy tunes, to upbeat, happy happy, joy joy songs about love and modern life.

I really enjoy how fun this band is, their music, whether it be harsh, or bouncy always makes me want to jump up and dance, without a care of how silly I would undoubtedly look. Unlike many, many bands, when watching videos of them with fans, or reading their interviews they seem to really interact with them and actually appear to be close. It’s just nice feeling like a band genuinely cares.

While I am on my opinion—Ok everyone, yes, Yuki doesn’t fit in as well as the others visually [big woop, curly hair :rolls eyes:], but he is a part of the band, as is Takuya. I am happy enough knowing An Cafe still exists, even if Bou is gone… Actually, now that I’ve had the chance to listen to the “new” An Cafe, I love Yuki and Takuya, and still love Antic Cafe.
Sidenote—Teruki slaps like a woman. Sorry Teruki, but you do.
~ By Jenn

Edited by Aisuru


Demos: Ope.Ning, Uzumaki Senshokutai/Hatsukoi

Albums/EPs: Amedama Rock(February 23, 2005), Shikisai Moment(November 9, 2005), Magnya Carta(November 29, 2006), Gokutama Rock Cafe(April 9, 2008 )

Singles: Candy-Holic(March 24, 2004), √69(June 6, 2004), Komou Cosmos(November 24, 2004), Karakuri Hitei(March 30, 2005), Tekesuta Kousen(July 20, 2005), Escapism(August 24, 2005), Merrymaking(September 21, 2005), 10’s Collection March(March 1, 2006), Bonds –Kizuna-(May 17, 2006), Smile Ichiban Ii Onna(September 20, 2006), Snow Scene(October 18, 2006), Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~(August 26, 2007), Ryuusei Rocket(November 7, 2007), Cherry Saku Yuuki!!(February 27, 2008 )

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25 Responses to “Antic Cafe”

  1. I love them to pieces.
    And Takuya and Yuki are so wonderful, but I still miss Bou.
    Yuki is outrageous, and I love his attitude.
    And Takuya is so adorable, but he’s so timid. x3



    ~<33 HANA-CHAN

  3. Wow..
    What happened to Bou? I wish he could come back :3.
    Anyway,keep up the good work, I like the song “Kakusei Heroism”

    I first found out about this band when I was like 15, and to be truthful,I love their style. At school now I have the exact hair style as Takuya,except for now its longer,and people call me anorexia.

  4. NYAPPY 皆さん!
    でも。。。アンティックー珈琲店ーはまだまだあたしの一番oshare kei ばんど!

    NYAPPY everyone!
    I love Antic Cafe!
    I love miku chan and kanon sama and teruki san and bou chan!
    Yuuki san is cool, isn’t he?
    I don’t like TAKUYA!
    But…Antic Cafe is still my NO.1 oshare kei band!

  5. I LOVE an cafe!! X3
    but i think that Yuuki doesn´t fit on the group… He is older than the others!! But he´s so funny! Oh, I like Takuya he is soo sweet!! X3 But my favourite one is Kanon!!!! I love you you are cuteeee!! I love you kanon-san!! X3 -Oh, i´m not a boy XD hahaha..!

  6. :]
    They’re all pretty old. I think Takuya is like.. 19 or something.
    But yeah, they really don’t look old!
    And they’re so adorable.
    I love them all.
    And Kanon, and Miku are still wicked.

  7. They’re not that old.
    I think they are at most in the 24-28 year range, well, minus Takuya.

  8. Hi!
    I´m from germany so I write in german XD:
    Ich finde das irgendwie blöd, dass j-Rock-Bands ihre Bandmitglieder so oft wechseln… Aber die neue Band hier ist auch extrem geil ^^ *knuddel* =3

    Gruß aus deutschland von:

  9. the nyappiest band in the world ^^ ❤ gotta love them…orange dream was sad..i swear it’s dedicated to bou. ;_;

  10. Hey, thatnks for the info. I’ve been trying to find info about this band! My friend told me about this band and since then iif researched about them.

  11. Glad we could help.

    Keep life Nyappy!

  12. i loved Bou-sama. i really wish he didnt leave…theyre music was a million times batter with bou. but i still love an cafe with a burning passion, they are still one of my fav bands

  13. Teruki slaps like a girl? XD What? Where did this happen?

    On that, I think Teruki has the highest pitched voice out of all of them right?

  14. Bou is sooooo much better than Yuuki. . .
    But I still love An Cafe.
    And. . .
    All of them dresses more like guys when Bou leaves.

  15. I’ve gotta admit Yuuki doesn’t fit the band. Still, I love him so much, maybe ’cause I got sick of people saying he wasn’t good enough for An Cafe, I took him as my child (that is at least 10 years older then me! XD). And started to say everywhere “People, Bou is gone, he will NEVER come back, he is happier now. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUTTA HERE!”. Just kiddin’

  16. I know yea people bou was good but he had some problems so he had to go so suck it up and get over it

  17. >_<! I love An Cafe!
    I miss Bou though…

  18. I love an cafe to death, however it hasn’t been the same without Bou chan there with them. There music right now is okay, but the cuteness is not there anymore. Which draws my attention to others band, once in a while I would go back and check on there progess (an cafe). I love Kanon, Miku, Teruki in his all mighty high voice, and the two new band members Takuya and Yuuki. I guess I am attracted to the cuteness of the band when Bou was still there and his cross dressing in cute lolitta and other cute clothing he had been wearing. Ahh cute and girly Bou. =)

  19. I miss Bou-kun TT TT But I heard from somewhere that there is a chance he might be coming back :D, IDK when tho…

  20. Living in Australia I have only recently become aware of the genius of Antic Cafe. Unfortunately Australians know little – if anything – about the vibrant, stand alone, innovative exuberance of modern Japanese music and pop culture. And I must say that I am blown away by An Cafe and in particular by the guitar skills and what I believe was the crucial visual component and cultural importance of the mind-blowingly beautiful Bou whose elegance and sexually ambivalent cuteness projected a futuristic and contemporary resonance.
    I confess that An Cafe was so far ahead of what passes for modern music in the rest of the world and feel that for this reason, coupled with the seductive gorgeousness of Bou and the intriguing style and fashion sense of all of the band’s members – musically, stylistically, visually and ingratiatingly – An Cafe will stand as a hugely significant beacon in the yet to be written annals of Rock Music. Kanon, Yuuki, Miku, Takuya, Teruki and especially Bou warped reality to their own perceptions through melody, with multi-linguistic and multi-talented performances. I can’t get Nori, Nori, Nori out of my mind!
    I only wish that Australia had been made aware of An Cafe whilst they were still playing and while Bou was the integral influence that history will judge him to have been.

  21. As a Magician let me state that Kazuhiko Saitou is very powerful: albeit that he only just grasps this concept. When he performed his magick and transformed himself completely into the delectably attractive and accessibly stylish Bou, he proved himself and increasingly the world at large of his pre-eminence as a transformative practitioner of the arcane mysteries. Although He remains unaware of the technicalities, he manifested and channelled lunar energies to great effect. When seen on stage, in photographs or through the all too few Youtube films which exist to fill the void of his very sad absence I can plainly comprehend that He would be an extremely powerful Magus!
    If He ever reads this I strongly suggest that He study the mysteries of Magick – particularly enchantment, illusion and mimicry because however expressed, these are His gifts and His natural talents.
    He has already proved Himself an antinomian hero. I only wish that I could assist him in his very singular journey, which is marked with greatness.
    Farewell, Brother in Magick!


  22. Kazuhiko Saito is a profound God-man who once walked amongst us as Bou, weaving his images and sophisticated subliminal spells. His sorcerous, idealised influence – both reactionary and alien – remains strong, indeed undiminished and growing despite his absence from the public gaze. Bou stimulates, capturing femininity and its power before it captures him; heralding again the singular message of liberation, heroic non-conformist individuality; opposition to stereotypical subservience and exceptionally alluring beauty in the face of mundane ordinariness and under recognition. His imaginative vision – strengthened by emotion and fortified by intelligence – remains a shining spectacle for all who were touched by his bravery, charm and erotically crystallised cuteness! Indeed, Bou offered the world a personification of a complete philosophy of the imagination.

    Currently Kazuhiko Saito is following in the steps of other luminaries. He has disappeared only to re-appear in his own good time. He awaits his moment like a monarch in exile, a messianic figure upon the threshold of future greatness! He remains an avatar awaiting his time. His destiny awaits.

    If I could have but one wish it would be to be his grateful slave, for I an indebted to have lived in his time and to have cherished his memory.

    I worship Bou Minisuka!


  23. It’s 3 years later and I still miss our presious and beloved Kazuhiko Saitou also known as Bou Minisuka. Kazuhiko and An cafe came to my attention in 2005, An I became a Cafekko (well an elder Cafekko.) in 2006. He showed me how to set myself apart from others and for that I thank him. I hope he still knows how special he still is to both the band and us Cafekkos. And I hope he still knows that we still love and miss him.

    It’s my dream to meet him and say thank-you to him. I Would have no problem being a faihful servent, so that I may make and serve him tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as message his tired mussels and help him any way I can.

  24. I’ve got some exciting news for all of you. Our dear Teruki-San played drums as a support drummer on Friday night for a band called Spyrolcall. And Kanon, An Cafe’s hair and makeup stylist Yuko and BOU(yep our dear Kazuhiko-San) went to support Teruki-San. Bou now has sholder lenght light brown hair now. He looks a little diffrent, But other than that he’s the same gentle Bou that he always was.

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