Band: Luna Sea


Vocals: Ryuichi

Bass: J

Guitar: Sugizo

Guitar: Inoran

Drums: Shinya

History: Ruichi, Inoran, J, Sugizo, and Shinya formed LUNA SEA in May of 1989, back then the band was called Lunacy.Their first album, produced by Yoshiki, is released on May 21st, 1991. On this occasion, Lunacy becomes Luna Sea, and this first release will logically be called Luna Sea. The band went on to release several albums and singles. When hide of X Japan died in 1998. Sugizo, whom was good friends with hide, as well as Yoshiki, dyed his hair bright pink in honor of the guitarist. Four days before the 2001 New Year, LUNA SEA disbanded, playing their last live. Sugizo has a daughter and now plays in the band S.K.I.N., J also has a career, post LUNA SEA.
Mini-albums/Albums: Luna Sea, Image, Eden, Symphonic Luna Sea, MOTHER, Symphonic Luna Sea II, STYLE, Singles, Shine, Never Sold Out, LUNACY, Period, Other Side of Singles II, SLOW.

Maxi-singles/Singles: Believe, In My Dream (With Shiver), Rosier, True Blue, Mother, Desire, End of Sorrow, In Silence, Storm, Shine, I for You, gravity, TONIGHT, Love Song.

Demos: Lunacy, Shade, Lastly.

Inoran’s Official
J’s Official
LUNA SEA’s Official
Ryuichi’s Official
Sugizo’s Official
Sugizo’s Official Myspace



One Response to “LUNA SEA”

  1. “To this day LUNA SEA use the word shumaku meaning drop curtain in japanese in every interview in order to let everyone know that they have not “disbanded” they just drop the curtain.” Credit; Wikipedia

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