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Orikasanaru Shikkoku no Meikyu ni Kurikaesu Higeki no Rasen (Endless Sprial of Tragedy in a Weaving Black Maze). That is the first one of the album, it is an instrumental, but it sets you up for the feel of the album and adds wonder to what kind of album you’re going to be listening to, especially if you don’t have VENGEANCE for BLOOD #1 due to lack of money. ^^;

The next song is one that I’m used to seeing Sammeh play and use in the backgrounds of our audio messages a lot, who can blame her? I remember you is one for the records of keepsakes and favorite songs. Fu-ki’s voice is nothing short of beautiful from note to note. Slowly the music begins to follow up and crossfade from silence to gentle beats and fairy-tale like melodies, then it speeds up and the drums come into play. Its the song with the longest title on the CD; Awakening. Maybe its from from countless of lives by BLOOD, but I can easily see Kiwamu and Kaede moving to the beat of this and Fu-ki swaying around in his graceful little attempts to head bang (lulz).

Boom! Must be the beginning of Forever Lost. It seems to jolt you slightly, if not paying attention, and then it slows down again starting with Fu-ki’s menacingly beautiful vocals. The song does have high points, mostly used for dramatic effects. “… broken down within my hands, You seem to be hiding your eyes from a brilliant light…” Seems like lyrics you might want to slow down a bit more for dramatics, yes? Awakening is next. I like this song, its not up and down with how the tempo is. I don’t know how exactly you would dance to this, but dance you must!

VICE.. well this album does a rollcoaster of music from fast to slow, melodramatic to in your face, not to mention the lyrics are very short for this song. Its a tinsy bit creepy as Fu-ki sounds like he’s trapped in plastic at some points and then he is yelling into the microphone. Se Lever comes up next and the sounds are a bit unexpected. Here I was expecting a Goth Rock album, especially following VICE, and this cute piano keys roll across the screen like they were always there before. One thing is for sure and once again Fu-ki lures you into the song with his singing and doesn’t want to let go. The words flowing from his mouth are lulling you into lyrics “… Only in my memory can I see you turn my way and smile, An illusion of you.. tightly gripping my heart…“. Grab the hand that wishes to guide you, in the sense.

Finally, Rasen no Yukusue, another instrumental and more dark, more creepy than the beginning introduction. It makes a nice follow-up place for #3. There is sounds of things knocking against another, heavy breathing and very faint sounds of children’s music playing its last notes slowly. The album ends there.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars. Definitely check this out

Where to get?:
iTunes: $9.99
CD Japan: $18.91

Kiwamu’s Blog: (E) (J)
Kaede’s Blog: (E) (J)
Fu-ki’s Blog: (E) (J)
Official Myspace
Mixi Community

(From the official CD jacket, click for full-view)
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Review done by DespairsRae.

~ by Raelynn on March 2, 2008.

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