Bou of An Cafe

His recent announcement that he is leaving An Cafe makes me very sad since Bou is one of my favorite little rockers. 😦 It comes as a shock, but the band seems to be okaii with it even though most of the Jrock world (aka google) seems to be flipping.Take on Bou’s decision to leave?

3/1/08: For the last time: Bou is not in Wedday!


~ by Raelynn on April 21, 2007.

54 Responses to “Bou of An Cafe”

  1. Dear, I’m sad about finding out this news as well. Bou, the adorable one is sincerely gone from within our grasp. It seems as if he’s not please with his work as a band member of An Cafe. From what people say about An cafe (the critics) they claim that they aren’t as talented as their looks.

    It seems as if that Bou would like to experiment with more things other than An Cafe upon stumbling this piece of information. Has Bou-san actualyl left An Cafe because he has found that An Cafe isn’t to his pleasings? Maybe so, maybe that’s him to find something much more diffucult and challenging, to test his skills I suppose, though….

    He will be sorely missed.

    Farewell Bou.
    Please Remember Us.

  2. he’ll be back on the scene somehow. he IS talented despite the media’s claims. it is very doubtful that one such as Bou would not re-emerge.

  3. Even if he does re-emerge in a new band, or as a solo musician do you honestly believe all of the Bou/Antic Cafe fans will love what he could do?

    Does anyone honestly believe that no matter how he returns you would still love him so?

    Even with his talent, there’s no guarantee that he would come back all bubbly and sweet, if he even returns at all.

    We will always miss Bou, but musicians come and go.

  4. Yeah it’s true, alot of his fans love him for his image right? i mean one of the new members of Ancafe was greeted with shock because he had a different look to the others.
    I think that Bou is a really good guitarist and if he chooses to continue with that I think many would still support him.
    What about the ‘sick parent’ stories. are they true?

  5. There are so many stories circulating as to why Bou left, for school, to look after sick parents, differences with Antic Cafe, felt like he was lying to himself and the Cafekkos by remaining in the band, the list goes on.

    I haven’t looked into it, I’m taking it as it is, he left for his own reasons, and it is not my business to know why, despite my curiosity.

  6. I heard the news of Bou’s leaving, when it first came out.
    I haven’t really listened to An Cafe for the past few months and today’s the first time I’ve decided to check up on them in a long while.
    My interest in them has obviously faded since Bou left.

    I understand Bou’s reasons for leaving. I mean, it took me a while to REALLY love An Cafe, but when you really listen to them closely, all the members of this band are EXTREMELY talented. They’re talented together and would most definitely be talented on their own. An Cafe has a very unique sound and they’re really courageous for the music that they make.

    Now as for my views on Bou, himself.
    He was and still is one of my favorite guitarists of ever. Not because of his looks and personality, but for his ability. He was a genius and I really hope he continues to make music. He has amazing potential and a great style.

  7. To be truthful, Bou isn’t one of my favorite band members. Despite that, he’s a great person… I’m not entirely sure why he left? Someone fill me in here?

  8. i really miss bou i watched his last live and ended up crying he is really my favorite member without him an cafe just doesn’t seem like an cafe him and miku looked great together on stage i want to find a way to contact him and send him stuff from where i live and i want him to know that i will always love him no matter what he does besides who couldn’t love him? he’s adorable

  9. bou why did you leave you broke all of our hearts that way o(>-<)o

  10. He wanted something different.

  11. Yes, We’ll all sincerely miss him. Personally, I’d love him no matter what. Not because of his looks or personality (though I think he’s a really caring person all around. Teruki said so when I asked. xD), but because of his pure, raw ability. He is an amazing, talented guitarist, and I’m sure he’ll do well at whatever he decides to do. But I’ve heard rumors that he’s in a new band named ‘Wedday’ or something like that. Any truth to it?

  12. We could look into it.

  13. wedday you say? my interest is piqued! (SAT word hooray!)

  14. Alright. I wiki’d it, but I couldn’t find anything on it. But I’ve heard it mentioned several times around youtube and such, from people I’m assuming live in Japan. I can ask my penpal Rika.. That’s a good idea. Her husband is friends with Yoshiki from X-Japan, so maybe she could ask him.. He might know. xD I’ll let you know what I find out. =)

  15. As far as I know, the “look-alike” of Bou in Wedday is not actually our Bou. I very highly doubt he’d leave Antikku, just for that. He didn’t exactly WANT to leave Antikku, because he loved the band,… but he knew he sort of Had to. I’m not sure why, of course, But I doubt he would’ve joined another band.
    Besides that, as far as I know, Wedday has been around for quite a while, from, like, before Bou even left An Cafe. So unless he was secretly working Two bands for a while, which I don’t think even our mini-god Kazuhiro could do.. [Yoshiki can barely do it. xD; But still, Love to Yoshiki. <3] So, Yes. Just to put it straight, Bou was not the one in Wedday.

  16. omgEE i SAW NEW PICCUS OF BOU IN HIS NEW BAND WEDDAY !!he is sooo kawai now <333333333333333

  17. Where is your proof Bou is in Wedday?

  18. The guy in Wedday is NOT Bou.

    Probably the best post I’ve seen about it: here.

  19. you can contacy Bou hes on myspace but you need to join first i fond him 2 days ago so iv sent him a email hes not in any band just now but who knowws what his plans are but who knows he may return he guy is is only 24 hes very young so he may return soon but i dont like the new mebers and i dont bother much with the band i now pefer Gackt and Hyde and western pop as i am western but i so mis Bou

  20. We know about the band information.

  21. We all miss Bou dearly and the band will not be the same without him. The two new members really aren’t that good to me, I really wish to see bou back on the stage again, even if he is totally different then his bubbly happy-go-lucky self that he was in Antic cafe. Another reson I don’t like the new members is because most Japanese bands have keyboards. Well point: we all love Bou and wish him happiness wherever he is and with whatever he is doing.

  22. Kai is trash

  23. kei

  24. Whom are you referring to? o.O

  25. who is the peoples in the banner at the top of this page??? i am not familiar with them.

  26. i miss you Bou

  27. you are very nice

  28. come back

  29. you make me cry,and why go?

  30. the people love you,come back to your friends


  32. wat is bou myspace email addesess…
    pls tell me….

  33. about knowing this,i got sick for three days,i dont eat,i dont go out with anyone else even with my friends,and everytime i see some vidoes of an cafe wherein bou is still with them,tears fall down my face,i just cant take it talking about it,and im planning that adter i finish my studies here in the philippines i’ll prepare myself on travelling to japan,hoping one day while walking ion the streets of tokyo i’ll see him ;(

  34. I miss him,but i must move on.
    I hope he’s doing fine right now..^^
    but,i dont kinda like the new an cafe,except for their song
    “Cherry Sakura Yuki”.That sounds nice.. ^^
    Anyways.. =( i kinda miss him,but what do you know..we must move on.

  35. its very sad that he left… but i still love the band… when i figured out he left my heartwas torn on two, i wonder what hes doing right now, and i also hope he feels happy, not of what he has done, but i hope hes happy with what hes doing and stuff. maybe he will came back and join the band. but the thing is is the band will let him join the band again, i hope they do, if they dont im going to burst out in tears. then ill start my own band if i have to… then i can see him everyday. and just to be fair Bous is every girls man… wel… the one that like bou… like me, and the other ppl who like him… like you guys…. ~sigh~ i just hope bou will come back

  36. : ( omg i miss bou-kun
    (band still cool thou ^ ^)
    rock on Jrockers

  37. I’m sad he has left but i think he may come back but the reason i think he left is…… well i don’t know still guessing

  38. actually, i quite know him well….i know why he leave. but all of you…please support him no matter what. he`s struggling to make a decision for his life. i don`t want to make any conclusion, but i surely know he will come back….so, don`t stop supporting him….if you guys really love him….ne?

  39. I really miss Bou, it made me cry to actually think my favorite little rocker left.
    I cried with him when i saw that youtube video. It still breaks my hear to think of it.

  40. omigahhh!
    i dont get it.
    whos takuyaaa??????

  41. Takuya is the current guitarist of An Cafe.

    Guys… this is kinda late. :\

  42. I wasn’t all that familiar with An Cafe till earlier this year, way after Bou left the band. But when I learned that he was no longer with them I still felt sad. I just watched that Youtube video and almost did not make it through dry-eyed.

    Aishiteru Bou-kun! I hope that you are happy and well.

  43. I love Bou so very much. He is always in my mind and heart. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. T_T I just know I love him with all of my heart because he has taken my heart. Though I respect him for what he chose it still hurts to know this terrible pain. But I will never move on from him cause I love you Bou-kun ❤

  44. Bou-kun where are you? Please come back! We love you! ❤

  45. anyone know what Bou looks like now??

  46. Please, the person who knows his myspace address can give me it? I talked with a Bou on myspace I think it’s the real Bou, the address is, please tell me if it’s really him. Thanks.
    Bou was the best!! I’ll see Ancafe concert in France soon 😀

    you can answer me at

  47. Look people. I’m sorry to say this but Bou is mine ❤ I love him so much and I miss him like crazy T_T Though I’ll have to respect this I will always hope the best for him and hope that all goes well ^_^ I love you so much Bou-kun and I hope everything’s going well for you my sweet love ❤

  48. I’ve never really LOVED AnCafe all that much (my soul belongs to Malice Mizer), but I have to admit, I fuckin’ love Bou to bits.
    He’s so cute.
    Or rather, was. Personally, I’m pretty sad that he left, and I’m not altogether impressed with the work the band’s done since losing him.

    Huh. I hope he does good for himself.
    I hope we hear from him soon.
    I hope the ill family rumours weren’t true (because it just wouldn’t be fair to the little cutie).
    And I hope AnCafe pull their socks up and beg him to come back.

    Okay, the last one’s unrealistic. xD

    But yeah, my best wishes go out to Bou, wherever he may be, whatever he may be doing, and hope it all works out in his favour.
    What else can I say?

  49. P.S: Oh yeah, I forgot.
    Anyone who said something like 2OMG BOU IS MINE LYK BACK OFF<3<3<3″ or anything equally dumb and fangirlish, and WASN’T mocking someone else.
    All I can say is…
    Epic. Fail.

  50. bou bou bou why you left an cafe I missed your guitar solos everyting about your style I I I always want old an cafe back I m cryin cause of you u made me sad maybe you are not gay I accept it T T you are nicer than lot of girl I m not gay He is ANDROJAN yeap yeap yeap Smile ichiban ii onna

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