Miyavi World Tour Anaheim Review 5/14/08

The morning of the concert was incredible. Rushing to wake up early in the morning, barely able to sleep the night before; it was a rush of enthusiasm and expectation. Listening to the CD’s a friend acquired over the years just made the attempts to get sleep even more futile. Although, a slight amount of sleep, just to be woken up again at 4:30 in the morning. We got our outfits together, and made sure that everything was perfect. Checking my purse to make sure the tickets were readily available, staring at them a good few minutes to make sure that they were really real. Finally, everything ready, perfect outfit, hair, and everything else. Forcing ourselves into the vehicle that would take us to our destination, we gathered everything in the back for our day. Quickly inserting the newest KABUKI ROCK album by the dearest Miyavi, making it loud enough to rock even the largest venue. The speakers boomed the awaited musical melody. Giddiness was now becoming completely apparent without even a slightest instinct of worry. Arriving at our destination many hours early was just so we could find the line to be invisible, since there was just the deserted emptiness of the venue.

Waiting the time when we would be permitted to enter the venue, our anticipation grew. Futile attempts to get the crowd rowed up, although there were only a few people there. Possibly 30, maybe there were less people than that. When Noon came around, a new twist was added to our lovely journey. Two different lines were formed; General Admission, which was for people who didn’t want to pay extra to get a better position, and the fast lane for those who paid $10 in the gift shop per person that they had. Of course, since we wanted the best possibility of being at the front of the show, we forced ourselves to pay the money, and get to the front of the line. Hours went by, and our anxiousness grew. As our want grow, the amount of people that were in the line grew as well. What used to be 30 or so people, quickly turned into 50, maybe 200? Everyone who could would walk around to keep themselves entertained in the midday heat. Since the temperature was scorching, every attempt to keep cool was a step closer to keeping yourself looking presentable for when it was time to see Miyavi.

Slowly, time went by, when at about 4:30PM, the fast pass line got split into two, allowing me and friends to go towards the front of the venue. Now, the reality was really setting in since we could hear the rush of people, and even was able to see Tyko, a kavki boy, enter the enchanted building. When the time came closer to when we’d get inside, you could hear the steady beating of their practicing in the hall. The security guards checked our tickets, and pat searched us. They were making sure that we had no harmful objects, since they probably anticipated things to get pretty hectic. When it finally reached 7pm, they started allowing us to get inside to the building.

Constantly being reminded not to run, we quickly rushed to get a place near the railing. Many tech people were running around the stage preparing things for Miyavi’s performance, so nothing goes wrong. You could see the banner of his new logo for the Kabuki Rock in the back, neatly displayed on a lovely piece of black fabric, with white writing. Slowly, people flooded into the venue, and we were gradually packed like sardines in a tin can.

As time went by, we became slightly impatient. Then, twenty minutes after the said time, the music start, lights dimmed, and everything went crazy. Miyavi came out, wearing his usual kimono and baggy pants. The show started off with JPN PRIDE, with which many people were happily screaming along to, as I felt myself being one with the railing that kept me from him. A few songs played, as he teased the crowd with his constant wiggling on the stage. Many times, threatening just to reach out to the crowd, and jump. Although, he didn’t. Many times, he pulled his shirt down, to reveal is well toned body. As many know, you can youtube a video where he wiggles while putting his hand seductively down his pants. Well, he did that within the mid of the show, causing the crowd to go completely insane. Many times, he put himself on the railing, allowing everyone to get a nice grasp of him, and he just appeared to eat it up. Constant interaction with the crowd seemed needed for this show, since he even made references to those who were not in the pit area.

Gradually, songs were played, and more teasing was given. Unfortunately, I’m not sure with which order they were played in, but there were many unfamiliar new songs played that made the crowd go even more nuts. About mid show, he paused for a moment, to do an outfit change. When he came back, he gave us a lovely moment of listening to his voice. “You know, I had this all planned,” he said softly, a smile on his face, “But I totally forgot. I don’t care.” Then he continued to play, and tease us like the usual Miyavi would. Sexual movements seemed to be key in this show, since he showed how nicely he’s learned to wiggle himself. His English was completely understandable, and many times he would stop our screaming so he could say something useful. Whether it was just talking to us, or saying he loved us. Many times we were told that he loved us. I lost count after the 10th time. Many things were thrown on the stage, but the staffs were quick to pick them up. So, none of it was picked up by Miyavi, aside from a couple things that were thrown to his feet.
Gradually, the concert went by with many rowdy head banging, solo’s done by the Kavki Boiz, and Teddy Loid. Everyone there was completely incredible, and everything was perfect. Many times, it looked like Miyavi was going to break something, but it was just to get the crowd more interested. At the end of the show, before the last song, he begun by saying he loved us. Then said, “You know, unfortunately, all good things must end,” and proceeded with his last song as the crowd booed prior to that. At the end the fans did a major rallied scream, but everyone was so quick to shuffle for merchandise; it wasn’t very crowded by then. Once everyone got what they wanted, if you were out in the parking lot, you could see Miyavi and the Boiz leaving.
Set List(in no order):
JPN PRIDE, Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de, Ossan Ossan Ore nanbro, Senor Senora Senorita(but it was a remix not him actually playing), Freedom Fighters(it was a remix as well), Pop is Dead(remix), are you ready to rock, Neo Visualizm, Kabuki Boys, What a Wonderful World, Kimi Ni Funky Monkey Vibration, 21st Century Blues, Memoirs of a Bushido, Kabuki Danshi, Please Please Please, BOOM-HAH-BOOM-HAH-HAH, Shouri no V-ROCK, Subabrashiki Kana, the Kavki Boiz played their own thing without Miyavi called We’re the Kavki Boiz, Rock no Gyakushuu -Super Star no Jouken-, Zikoai, Zigazisan, Ziisikikazyou, How to Love, and some newer things unheard before.

– Review by Aisuru


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