Fan Art


Welcome to the JV fan art page. Submission to have your fan art on this page requires only a few things and rules.

☆ How to Submit:

  1. Send a email to, make the subject line “Submission”.
  2. You can submit up to FIVE (5) works per a week.
  3. You can request your own page for your work if you intend to submit a lot, otherwise you will share a page with everyone else. (see below)
  4. Include: Name (your choosing), age/nationality(optional), website/blog (if you have one. Can include, pick one: myspace, facebook, facebox, livejournal, deviantART, Mixi, etc).
  5. Please send us the files via email attachment or picture link. We will not go to the site and just “pick ones”.

What can I submit?

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Wallpapers/Desktops
  • Icons
  • Comics
  • Vectors/Vexels
  • Traditional Media
  • Digital Media
  • Poetry
  • Photography/Concert Photos

¤ Rules:

  1. No fan fiction of any kind.
  2. No fan art that implies and/or falsely implies inter-band relations.
    In other words no hentai or slash.
  3. No hate or racial propaganda.
  4. Must be your own work, you cannot submit your friend’s work or someone’s work you found on Google!
  5. Do not send emails to the individual staff or message us through another website. You will be directed back to this page and your work will not be submitted/uploaded until you have done it the way its listed.


  1. JV has the right to refuse any submission or ban you from submitting due based on content. We also reserve the right to remove your content from our website.
  2. Submissions per a week are submit to change without notice.
  3. We will not share your email anywhere on the website.
  4. All submitted work will be hosted to OUR server.
  5. It is up to YOU to check for comments, we will not send notices.

§ Artist Pages:

→ Submissions:

  • Name: Aurelio T.
    Age: 19
    hide matsumoto painting by Aurelio T.
  • Name: Heather
    Age: 16
    LM.C traditional media by heather
  • Name: Rain
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Asian
    Reita by Rain
  • Name: テイラー
    Age: 18
  • Name: Vicki
    Age: 18
    Nationality: llama

One Response to “Fan Art”

  1. hahaha these are rad ^.^

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