Band: Ayabie


Vocals: Aoi

Bass: Intetsu

Guitar: Takehito

Guitar: Yumehito

Drums: Kenzo
Ex-guitarist: Ryouhei

History: In the Spring of 2004, Ryouhei, Aoi, Intetsu, and Takehito gave birth [hey, give me a break, I’m trying to be creative] to Ayabie. They didn’t have an official drummer until 2005.

Ayabie held their first performance at the Takadanobaba AREA on May 8th, it was free and they sold “Kagen no Sakura ame”, a single, only at this performance. Right away Ayabie started touring, including a joint tour with Alice Nine.

In January of 2005 they released a mini-album, in the following months they released another single, and finally their first full length album. Two tours, three singles, and one mini-album later Ayabie announced their official drummer, Kenzo.

“The Impulse of ‘M,'” Ayabie’s official fan club was opened in 2006, and was followed by another two singles. Another tour was kicked off, not only that, but the tour also went through Finland, France and Germany, their first overseas appearances. In July Ryouhei announced that he would be leaving Ayabie [to later form Megamasso]. August 30th 2007 was Ryouhei’s last live with the group. He was replaced by Yumehito, who is an official member.

Opinion: I honestly haven’t got much to say about them as I don’t listen to them as much as I used to. I like their fun songs, like Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town, and I enjoy their calmer songs, but other than that I have nothing to say. If you’re curious feel free to check them out, I’ll have two of their songs uploaded.
~ By Jenn

Albums/mini-albums: Tetsu No Shima, EquAL pRayer 2 aLL, Ecumenical, Ayabie Sokukan Ongenshuu, Virgin Snow Color, Rikkaboshi, Euro Best

Singles: Sakura Mau Kisetsu Ni, -ecumenicalimage-, Browny, Garasuzaiku no Ohanashi, Kimi no koe to yakusoku, FAINT/Topaz, Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town, Kisumiisunou, RHYMING SOUNDS, Panto Shiita, The ~BEAT~ of HEARTS, M(emu), Lovers Name, Romancer, Gothic Party, Chousui Sou Yori, San Rin, Heien No Ato Ame, Extreme Machine, Yubisaki, Day Dream, MELT AWAY

DVDs: Daikei/Misery in the Dusk, 1 Dan Tobi -2005.4.1 Shibuya O-East-, Tokyo-Prayer, Tokyo-Rock Show, Ayabie Sokukan Eizoushū, Film Spiral 


Ayabie’s Official Website

Ayabie at CLJ Records




11 Responses to “Ayabie”

  1. Oh yeah!! Ich bin die erste XD
    I´m from germany ^^ so I write in German, ok? XP
    Ich find eure Musik echt geil. Wie kann jemand so krasse Mukke machen?!! Das ist ja unerhört! X3 ^^
    Macht so weiter! -Viel Glück für die Zukunft!! *toitoitoi*

    gruß aus Deutschland von:

  2. 夢人が大好きだよ!


  3. ありがとう。

  4. Uh, Rae… I think they said they love Ayabie, and “kakkoii desu ne…” is pretty much, “It’s/they’re cool, aren’t they?”

    So…uh….saying thanks makes no sense….

    I may be wrong, but…yeah.

  5. Translator website said something about loving the site.

  6. . . .O_o which translator do you use?

    ‘Cause I used one to check what I thought.

  7. FreeTranslation might not’ve liked the kanji o.O

  8. We both might be wrong, everyone knows free translators suck ass. XD

  9. This is what I got when I translated it with FreeTranslation:
    A/the dream person likes very much!
    《主語なし》It is stylish. . .


  10. keeenzooo I love youuu xD hehe (L).(L)

  11. Kenzo and Yumehito ❤ Love the songs

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