Band: Kagerou

Drums: Shizumi

Vocals: Daisuke

Bass: Kazu

Guitar: Yuana

Ex-bass-guiartists: Masaya & Ku

Started: 1999
Status: Disbanded

Kagerou means “mayfly” in Japanese. Mayflies can be as old as three years. However, when mayflies reach their adulthood, their life span varies from two hours to three days. This short life span relates to Kagerou’s vocalist Daisuke. Daisuke has suffered from heart related problems since infancy. Each day there is a chance his heart will give up. So like the adult mayfly his life span can be very short. Kagerou was first formed in September 1999 by Daisuke and then-bassist Masaya. Ewana joined as the guitarist a month or so later, and the band performed their first live together at CYBER on February 13, 2000. On April 4, their first Maxi Single, titled “Biological slicer,” was released, and in the following May, Shizumi joined the band. With this lineup, Kagerou performed at many lives around the country. However, shortly after the band played at Meguro Live Station on October 11, Masaya left the band, thus causing Kagerou to go on a temporary hiatus. The group became active again after Kuya joined as the replacement bassist on January 1, 2001. Kuya didn’t remain as bassist for very long, and left the band on August 25. Luckily, Kazu filled the bassist position almost immediately, and has been with the band ever since. On January 2007, the Kagerou announced that they have disbanded.


Tonarimachi no Kanojo
Kusatta Umi de Oborekaketeiru Boku wo Sukutte Kureta Kimi
Zetsubou ni Sayonara
Kurokami no aitsu
Shiroi Karasu
Sakura Kurakura
XII dizzy
Kakokei Shinjitsu
Hiaburi no Kazoeuta
Mizubitashi no Kazoeuta
Iromegane to Scandal
Biological Slicer
Hakkyou Sakadachi Onanist
Jikasei Full Course
Kagerou Jiten
Kusatta Umi de Oborekakateiru Boku wo Sukutte Kureta Kimi (Versions A,B,C,D)

Demo Tapes
Biological Slicer
Biyou Seikei Ishi no Shumi

Kagerou no Video Clips
Zekkyou Psychopath
Rakushu Enjou Saishuu Koen




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