Due le Quartz

Band: Due le Quartz

Vocal: Sakito
Bass: Kikasa
Guitar: Miyabi [Miyavi]
Drums: Kazuki
Ex-guitarist: Ken
Ken and Sakito formed Due le Quartz at the end of 1998, Kikasa and Kazuki joined them soon afterwards. Their first performance was held on the 14th of February [1999], at the Takadanobaba Area.Not long after Ken left the band, Miyabi, now known as Miyavi replaced him. 2000-2001 saw the release of quite a few things, mini-albums, omnibuses, and even their first DVD, Due le Quartz career was going great. However,in 2002 they disbanded for an unknown reason, which led to Miyabi changing the “B” to a “V” and the start of his solo career.

Albums/minis: Mikansei no JEKYLL to HYDE(November 21, 1999), Jisatsu Ganbou(May 28, 2000), Rodeo(May 12th 2002), BEST ALBUM(August 14, 2002. Re-released November 23, 2005)

Singles/demos: Ame to Muchi o…, Dear From…xxx Disc1, Dear From…xxx Disc2, Rob Song, Re:plica, Last Title

Videos: Braintine(January 9, 2002), 「6419461049162791」-69(January 9, 2002), Tour “Ame to Muchi o,,,” Final 2002.01.2007 in Akasaka Blitz(July 3, 2002), Video Clips(July 3, 2002)

DLQ’s Last Live [crying, youtube]

Unfortunately, there is no longer an official website for them due to the fact of being disbanded. However, there are many fan made sites you can find along the web.


One Response to “Due le Quartz”

  1. oh! Schon wieder die erste XD
    I´m from Germany, so I write in german…:
    Schade, dass es die band nicht mehr gibt… *heul* Die war echt geil ^^
    Hab euch trotzdem noch alle lieb!


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