77 Malice Mizer fun-facts

  1. Mana does not like conversations. He believes people who have different opinions cannot talk with each other and then there is no point in conversation.
  2. To have conversations on TV, Mana either makes (rather cute) signs, whispers to the vocalist or holds up his cross. One one side it says YES in English and on the other NO. In one interview he said his name, though.
  3. Mana can distinguish 30 spices with his nose. He loves cooking.
  4. Yu~ki likes and is often being compared to Bruce Lee by his friends.
  5. Közi used to skip school to go to the beach, steal bikes or throw rocks at fishermen.
  6. Yu~ki’s first song was composed in kindergarten: “I want to live in a chocolate house”.
  7. Yu~ki loves chocolate and eats it first thing in the morning (even when he diets).
  8. Közi can sing old Anime Songs very well and drinks a lot of tea.
  9. Mana sometimes sings in a dark metal voice.
  10. Közi calls Mana ‘chan’, but when he wants something from him, he’d say ‘sama’.
  11. Közi wakes up in the morning, opens his window and yells “OHAAAYOOOO!”
  12. Kami cleaned his room every day when he got up.
  13. According to Közi, Kami was like the bad brother, Mana the mother and Yu~ki the father for Malice Mizer.
  14. Mana has a lot of different interests, he really explores the things he likes.
  15. According to himself, Gackt left Malice Mizer because of problems with the office and because, in the opposite of the other members, he did not want to take a break after the tour. He says it was the first time Malice Mizer really fought and that the members could not look into his eyes.
  16. Közi wears thongs.
  17. Mana likes video games a lot. His all black bedroom has a video game center.
  18. Közi had to practise hard for some of their songs in Bara no Seidou. He said his fingers hurt.
  19. Yu~ki has two yellow rubber duckies in his tub.
  20. Klaha is the only member of Malice Mizer who liked moving.
  21. Mana does not want to watch movies with other people, because they would talk about it while watching it.
  22. When Mana and Gackt first met they ate ramen together and did not speak. Each of them thought the other was strange. Later they went to mana’s place and talked about “What is human”.
  23. Mana likes French pop.
  24. Közi appearantly is kind of clumsy and tends to trip.
  25. Közi dropped out of highschool to make music, but his parents (teachers) did not understand him until he was older.
  26. Kami appearantly had some sort of foresight. He wants dreamed about his dog acting strangely and called home to find out that his grandmother was sick.
  27. The reason why Mana dresses in female fashion is because there is more to choose from. He also thinks if women can make people look at their legs, so can he.
  28. Közi does not keep track of his finances, he buys when he feels like it.
  29. Yu~ki loves to draw. Like Toshiya from Dir en grey, he drew comics of his band for magazines. He does not think he is very good at it, though.
  30. Yu~ki’s favorite mangaka is Kusumoto Maki (mangaka of Kiss xxxx and K no Souretsu).
  31. Kozi is into Gundam so much that he named his kitty Zaku after one of the Gundams.
  32. Mana used to WANT to be a Johnny but never took lessons.
  33. Mana’s father is a music teacher.
  34. Mana was a punk in high school.
  35. Yu~ki likes Dead Can Dance + Cocteau Twins.
  36. Kami listened to Culture Club.
  37. Kozi listened to David Bowie.
  38. Mana likes mysterious women.
  39. Kami likes boobs.
  40. Mana’s favorite manga is Angelique and his favorite character is Rachael.
  41. Kami believed in reincarnation & he believed he was a Russian girl who was stabbed in the eye by her own mother in the winter over bread.
  42. Yu~ki’s favorite mangaka is a girl who writes a dark/gothic shoujo comic named KiSS.
  43. Mana is friends with Shoujo Kakumei Utena co-creator, Ikuhara.
  44. Kami & Yu~ki are the most ’emotional’ members of Malice Mizer.
  45. Kami was emotional (i.e. mood swings ~ he was known to have cried fairly easily).
  46. Kami cried at the last live of Tetsu (back stage).
  47. Kozi sprained his foot running backstage during the Bara no Seidou concert for a costume change (it was very dark).
  48. No one in Malice Mizer has a day-planner ~ but they meet so often ^.^.
  49. Mana carries a little notebook with tiny sketches on where he wants the band to stand during a live for each song ~ he shelved it once Bara no Seidou tour was done, though.
  50. Mana doesn’t like sickly or athletic girls. He likes fashionable girls who aren’t afraid to wear short skirts.
  51. Kozi’s tattoo starts at his wrist (right wrist), trails up the arm, shoulder and ends on his chest.
  52. Mana likes to collect European (especially Italian) horror flicks ~ mainly those involving vampires.
  53. Kami would not eat in order to loose weight, but soon discovered how to excersize and eat correctly.
  54. Yu~ki smoked, hated it, quit.
  55. Yu~ki does not drink.
  56. Kami smoked a lot (he admitted to smoking as the first activity that he does in the morning).
  57. Gackt did admit to smoking a pack a day.
  58. Mana laughs a LOT in interviews.
  59. Kozi calls his meeting Mana “fate”.
  60. Gackt is friends with Taka (La’cryma Christi) who rigged their bands together to play back in 96/’97 ~ Kami & Shuse became pals too.
  61. Mana has an accent from his hometown, Hiroshima (he pronounces the “i” in certain words when most city-folk do not).
  62. Yu~ki likes to design womens clothes.
  63. Yu~ki + Kami both have stage fright & do not like to be alone on stage (( Kami got scared during their fan club tour in ’99 and ran off stage, leaving Yu~ki shaking and stammering ^^;))
  64. Malice Mizer is pronounced ME-zier or MIZ-er not MAI-zier.
  65. In the band he was in before Malice Mizer, Mana played the bass.
  66. Mana used to take dance lessons from Johnny’s Jr. If you don’t know what Johnny’s Jr. is, he is the producer that produces dancing boy bands like Arashi and SMAP a la N’Sync.
  67. Bel Air: Verte Aile took 9 days to film.
  68. Although Gackt says that he speaks french…According to Judith Chancel, the lady who starred with him in the movie, none of Malice Mizer [including Gackt, as the point is] could speak French. Although–this was in 1997, so things might not be the same now.
    Malice Mizer didn’t like French food during the filming of Bel Air ~Verte Aile~.
  69. Yu~ki said that any girl is OK as long as she’s over 3.
  70. Mana wants a girl that can become his doll.
  71. If Mana were’nt a musician, he’d be a mysterious cook.
  72. When Kozi was little, he would call his parents by saying, “Hey, YOU!”
  73. Kami didn’t like dressing up with make-up. He thought it was wrong for a guy to do so.
  74. Kami was found 4 days after he died.
  75. At the end of a concert, Gackt huddled into a corner and drew on the floor with his finger and said, “Will someone play with me?”
  76. Mana reads shojo manga (young girls comics) like Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon (Pretty Soldier Sailormoon) and Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play).
  77. Gackt and Mana say that they were both born about 400 years ago in Europe. Mana, however, was born in Japan AND France.

Source: http://s10.invisionfree.com/ShifterGS/ar/t60.htm


~ by Raelynn on September 2, 2007.

9 Responses to “77 Malice Mizer fun-facts”

  1. some of these are very random 😆

  2. Yes, like the Kozi thong XD

  3. Ahahah.

    Mana is the best.

    Born in Japan AND France.

    I fucking love Mana

  4. He must have pulled that one out of his intelligent butt. XD

  5. awsome heh..

  6. “Kami likes boobs” how random LOL Mana says some really crazy stuff too XD

  7. lol. he mana was born in BOTH? 😛 poooor gackt. no one to play with… lol. this is great!

  8. Where did you find this information in the first place?

  9. Wow, Mana and I have a lot in common. Especially that comment about wanting a girl who will be my doll. Teeheehee

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