Hide and Hyde



Now, this is where it can get a tiny bit confusing. Hyde pronounces his name like hide in hide and go seek. Hide pronounces his name (or did) as Heeday.

When you say Hyde for L’Arc~en~ciel say it as Hyde (and go seek).

When you say Hide for X-Japan, Zilch or Spread Beaver say it as Heee-day.


~ by Raelynn on May 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Hide and Hyde”

  1. *cough* I’m 9 months too late.

    In Japan, they actually pronounce Hyde as “Hai-do”

    But in English-speaking countries, it’s “Hide” (as in hide-and-go-seek)

  2. You’re very late in fact. Its like 2 months before this website turns a year old.

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