Misc Sizes

For Samehada’s walls go to Lucid Cacophony Graphics


15 Responses to “Wallpapers”

  1. Behold!

    I have fixed the page. Don’t ‘highlight and scroll’ or I’ll make you re-code the page. >=[

  2. eh? What’s highlight and scroll? And will it really break the page 😮

  3. ‘Highlight and Scroll’ is when you have like 3 paragraphs of words or whatever and you highlight it all and press the font color A. It creates all this extra coding that screws up the page.

  4. ooooo kekeke

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. yo quiero mas fotos de Yoshiki

  7. nice~ first time here =) appreciate it =)

  8. Dont you have more photos?

  9. Photos of what?

  10. New:
    Gothique Prince Ken

  11. Samehada, if you see this, we need to fix the page.. again..
    If you see this put the following code without the *
    [*gallery size=”medium” column=”1″*]

  12. Done. It didn’t help.

    I think we’re going to have to go back to the old way of doing the image pages. With our own thumbnails, linked to the bigger image.

    This gallery thing just wasn’t meant for large images, I don’t think.

  13. Everything is showing up okay on my end. o.O Than again the school uses IE.

  14. Alright, this page doe not work in the newest version of IE. We are going back to the self-insert images.

  15. sexy@@@@@@@@@@@@@ if u want to have vista wallpapers then Check out http://www.vistafeel.com

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