Band: Bergerac


Vocals: Itsuki

Bass: Tatsuha

Guitar: Satsuki

Kyosuke (Bass)
Migushi (guitar)
Yuu (Drums)
Kazuki (guitar)

Bergerac began in 2004 with 4 female members. Some time later Kazuki, left the band. There isn’t a lot of info on them as they are shrouded in mystery, and after some lineup changes the gender of the current members is up for debate. Bergerac released a maxi-single, 夢に舞う、君の姿, on October 10th of 2007, and have recently released AMETHYST.

~edited by Rina

Singles/Maxi singles: 水彩と流星群, D.B.S. -dark bizarre spiral-, 純白を綴るセンテンス, restraint, unpaku Wo Tsuduru Sentence, D.B.S -Dark Bizarre Spiral-, Butterfly, Nightmare, Suisai to Ryuseigun, AMETHYST

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3 Responses to “Bergerac”

  1. it’s worth the wait… thanks!!!

  2. Lies D: They’re pulling our leg saying that the band started with FOUR females D:

    If you watch their comment videos, you quickly realize, “…they’re…dudes…”

    I suggest a little edit ><”

    But thanks for the information!

  3. um .. aren’t there 5 members now?

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