The GazettE

Band: The GazettE


Vocals: Ruki
Bass: Reita
Guitar: Uruha
Guitar: Aoi
Drums: Kai

Ex-Drummer: Yune

Ruki, Reita, Uruha, Aoi and Yune formed ガゼット in March of 2002. They released their first single “Wakaremichi” in April, and released two more singles by September.

In 2003 Yune left the band and was replaced by Kai.Soon ガゼット signed with the PS Company label, and released their first mini-album, Cockayne Soup, and also started their first tour with Hanamuke. On their second tour they performed with Vidoll. Cure published an edition with ガゼット and Vidoll on the cover picture. On Decmber 28th, they performed at the Beauti-fool’s Fest, along side bands such as Kra, Miyavi, Merry, MUCC, and D’espairs Ray. On March 30th, 2004 their second mini-album Madara was released, which was later followed by a DVD. Later that year they released their debut album, Disorder, and toured for the rest of the year, and well into 2005.

By 2006 ガゼット changed their name to The GazettE, released Nil, their second full length album, and started yet another tour. At the beginning of the tour they performed for the first time out of Asia, the performance was in conjunction with German Anime and Manga, and AnimagiC. The GazettE released their third full length album, Stacked Rubbish in 2007, it will be followed by a promotional tour, which started on July 15th 2008.

The GazettE won several awards for the Jrock Choice Awards including:
Best Album: Stacked Rubbish, Best Song: Burial Applicant, Best Artist, Best B-Side or Album Track: Chizuru, Craziest English Title: Art Drawn By Vomit, and more. Their new single, Guren, is on sale starting Feb 13th 2008.

Every time I listen to, or watch a video of Gazette live, I am completely amazed, I have yet to find another band, any band, that sounds exactly like their recorded songs when playing live. I had to compare live songs with the recorded songs for a very long time [and with Sammeh’s help too] in order to actually catch a minuscule crack in Ruki’s voice. This band has perfection down, their music has substance, they obviously do not fake their talent, and so far I’ve been able to listen to their songs over and over without ever getting sick of them.
~ By Jenn

The GazettE are a must for JRock fans that love feeling such a wide range of emotion from each song, it is awesome feeling the music on your skin and in your heart. The day they release their work in the U.S., along with tours is the day me and Sammeh will fling mountains out of our way just to see them.

Albums: Disorder, Nil, Stacked Rubbish

Singles/minis: Wakaremichi, Kichiku Kyoushi –32sai Dokushin- No Nousatsu Kouza, Yougenkyou, Kaleidoscope, Cockayne Soup, Akuyuukai, Supermargarita, Hankou Seimeibun, Madara, Zakurogata no Yuutsu, ~zetsu~, Miseinen, Reila, Gama, Dainippon Itangeishateki Noumiso Chuzuri Zecchou Zekkei Ongen Shuu, Cassis, Regret, Filth in the Beauty, Hyena, 千鶴 (Chizuru), GUREN

Official Website
The GazettE Staff Blog



58 Responses to “The GazettE”

  1. hello im a big fan of gazette. my fav from all the jrock bands that i knew 🙂

    Taion is a great song, i love it so much. i never heard of defective tradegy so im listening to it now. my other fav is filth in the beauty. that is also the most beautiful song that i heard ^^ the video itself is nice xD

  2. Hey there.
    Im a HUGE fan of Gazette. In fact they were the first band that I ever heard when it comes to Jrock. I love the way the music sounds and truthfully it calms me down a ton when I get sad and stuff like that.

    I love there song Taion. But I love their newest song (I forgot the name of SORRY) from their CD Stacked Rubbish. If you havent heard or bought the CD yet, I suggest that you do.

  3. They were your first?
    Ah, mine was Malice Mizer -> Dir en grey -> Miyavi-sama -> The GazettE
    From that point on my love for JRock and Visual Kei blossomed.

    Oh I bought STACKED RUBBISH, bloody expensive for me, but worth it, I even kept the wrapper it came in. *laughs*
    From what I can see I’m guessing that you like Chizuru.

  4. Gazette is one of the first jrock band I’ve heard of and actually kept listening to lol.

    I’m ashamed to say that I heard about them when one of my friend made me listen to Filth In The Beauty. As much as I love the song, I can’t say this is the most representative of their talent.

    I own all their music now and they are just fantastic. I adore them ^^
    My favorite song is Taion so I’m glad you put that one up!
    Then it’s Defective Tragedy (because I mean c’mon, have you heard Aoi screaming in it *melts*)
    and I love Worthless War too.

  5. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt down, their music has substance, they obviously do not fake their talent, and so far I’ve been able… the music on your skin and in your heart. The day they release their work in the U.S., along […]

  6. Defective Tragedy. I’m actually listening to it right at this moment. XD

    I also love Toguro. It’s absolutely beautiful. When I heard that they played it at their recent live in Europe, I was so happy.

    Right now I’m actually preparing to do a project on Ruki for school.

    They are hte most amazing band ever. In any language.

  7. Kyaaaaaaa I love Toguro, I wanted to cry when I heard that they played it in Europe (Germany, ne?)…

    My friend is going to draw Ruki for our Art 2 portrait assignment. ^^

  8. O.o Hier sinds mehr ^^
    I´m from Germany so i write in German, ok?
    Erstma grüß ich hier ma alle ^^ auch die fans! in Deutschland gibt es viel zu wenig davon…
    zweites ein ganz großes Lob an The GazettE!!! Ohne die hätte ich jez kein Weihnachtsgeschenk X3 (Ich krieg dann nämlich endlich und Gott sei Dank die frisur von Ruki!!!!) *freu*
    drittens…. njoah~ byebye ^^ XD

    gruß aus deutschland von:

  9. oh yes toguro… i luv dat song.. especially when i hear it through earphones…. it just makes me melt.. the way how ruki’s voice goes from one ear to the other… *sigh* LUV <33

  10. eii!!!! i love the gazette alot first time i so them i started to know them well i know everything about the gazette i love very much specially uruhades aishetaro forever… leneshima21….
    meningsaigo aishetaru uruhades ko….
    watashi wa anata ga hitsuyou desu…
    kyotsukutane…. sayonara…

  11. Just became a big fan of j-rock. Although I have heard several bands, ( and really love the music,) I have definately found my favorite… ROCK ON, GAZETTE!!!!! ( How about doing a U.S. tour and making a stop in Lawton, Oklahoma? ) 😉

  12. Write them a mail or note and they might try to get into that area or close. Its worth a shot.

  13. Hi!! Just wondering… can anyone send me the url to their personal blogs? Thanks!

  14. Their blogs are actually fanclub locked.

    But somehow I’ve gotten this link in my bookmarks. It’s their blogs, but I’m not sure if it’s a separate blog they keep we all can read, or if I’ve somehow gotten the direct link to their fc locked blogs…

    Here’s the link.


  16. the GazettE Rocks & Reita rules X°°D GazeRock is not DEAD..yeah! lol Gaze Gaze gooo **

  17. The Gazette is the best JRock band ever!!!!!!!!! Kai is my Favorite!!!! Go Kai (He’s so cute when he smiles) And Ruki!!!!!!!!!

  18. i’ve recently discovered them and they are really good. i love the old songs and some of the new ones. stacket rubbish doesn’t seem that nice, but i guess i still have to listen to it more carefully.
    my fave song would be miseinen if i had to choose

  19. omg i luv them, they are soooo cutee!!!

  20. Well Im a big fan of JRock bands I just got into The Gazette and I love them and there music is so wow I love thire songs and there outfits are to die for I got to say the song I really like the best form them has got to be SILLY GOD DISCO and my fav vid is Taion vid I think I’ll love there music ^_^

    gosh, i actually start to squeal when i hear them
    still havent’t been to a concert yet though T-T
    i absolutely love Guren and Taion!

  22. REITA!<3333333333333333333333333333333333

  23. Aoi <3<3<3<3<3<3 OMG, I soooooo adore Aoi, he is soooooo fit and sexual!! LOL!

  24. One Of My Friends Drew Me Ruki And Another One Drew Me Reita:3

  25. i totally luv this band like i like my other jrock bands i totally like jrock music then the american bands that we have.

  26. jrock is the best music in the world especialy MUCC, the have weird feeling song but amazing, the individual skill is wonderful and tatsurou voice is craaazzy

  27. ik what you mean i just love there sound and the emotion they use in all there songs. taion and saraba r really powerful songs as our all of them. i watch the NLSG tour and i the end i almost cried it was just so idk how to put it, i wish more american bands could be like them Gazette=love

  28. ohmygosh. i absolutely love the GazettE! They have the most rocking music i have ever heard. I love Cassis. The video makes me tear up, that song is just so beautiful.
    Even though i am in the US i still love their music, i hope they hurry with their new single in the fall!

  29. o my god, i love the Gazettes so much, there all i listen to. RUKI is so cute, *sigh* one day I’ll meet that hunk of a singer.
    I love the Chizuru so much….. i love them….*crying*

  30. i want to know about taion full lyric. i want to know part sreaming before how does it writhe?

  31. i like your all guys…. make visual kei members proud…
    and please give me full lyric for taion…k

  32. gazette = love ^^ their songs are so emotional…=] they were the 1st jrock band i listened to, & they’re still my favourite ^^
    i love taion & defective tragedy ^^
    love gazette >.< xoxoxo

  33. hey, doesnt anybody like uruha at all????

  34. the GazettE are so awesome! They are all hot and smexy of course! (^_^) Are their songs are kick ass! Anyone heard their new single Leech? How about Distorted Daytime?

  35. I love the gazettE!!!!!!
    I’ve been listning to there music for ages!
    I was so happy when Leech was released!
    Reita <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x]

  36. someone please tell me why was ruki was lip syncing in there leech live that was aired on music japan….were they forced to do that or something? i was so upset i litterally cried
    they all looked ticked off >.>
    and i really dont think there recent stuff is there best….in the lyrics to hole ruki sounds really depressed and he kind of sounds suicidal…..i love him so much and i dont ever want to loose him i would litterally die -cries- ive been a gazette fan for 3 years and this is just to much to handle >.<

  37. The GazettE are the best band ever. I’ve been a fan since they first started. 5 or 6 years now. they are awsome and love their new single Guren. it`s awsome. i relat myself to them alot and i always check them out to see what is new with them. Love them all!!! guitar is good. bass is very good. drums and good as always and vocals and amazing. i know how to play all their songs inside out and modified their solos in almost every song, since i love to play fast fast fast. like through the fire and flames by dragonforce is fun to play on guitar.that song tested my skills. love to play that too. anyways, i will always love the GazettE and always play their songs every single day. rock on!!!

  38. i only heard i once… and the truth is, i dont know the title of that video… my boyfriend is addicted on the GazettE so i came thinking “why is he so addicted on that freaking visualkei band?” until i watched the video, and answered my question,. if my boyfriend is addicted on you guyz, then i’m crazy!!! please help me…i want to know the title of that video
    love you guyZZZzZ!!! you rock!!!!

  39. kai-kun??? we have the same nickname, that’s why you are so good!!! aoi, you’re totally sooooo cute!!! uruha…. you are a heck of a handsome cute guy!!ruki-kun can i say i love you?? and reita-kun, can i say i have a crush on you????

  40. um…does anybody know when the gazette are releasing a new cd?

  41. They are the best j-rock band ever!there song inspired me, mostly Cassis and Reila i wanted to get a piano to learn those songs Ther the best i mostly like Aoi’s guitar solos there so cool omg i like them so much i have dreams of me going to all there concerts :DD <3333 I Want to see them live!!!

  42. *fangirls* The GazettE?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *faps*

  43. Gazette is love! <3333333333 n__n

  44. I ❤ the Gazettes. my two favorite songs from them are, Shadow VI II I and Best Friend. Please tour the US East Coast. DC if fun forevery1. but the best place i’ve seen concerts at is a place called WOLFTRAP! Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts – Vienna, VA the place is amazingly big and has great parking! lol
    please visit the east coast, the west coast always gets all the fun. XP
    thankx – ❤

  45. are all the members dating?

  46. hi. i.m a big fan of gazette. i.m mongolian. my favorite song is HANAKOTOBA & REALA. I love Reata. I.m a huge fan of Reata

  47. konnichiwa!!!!!im hikaru from philippines!!!!hahaha!!!im a very big fan of the GazettE!!!!I LOVE REITA so much!!!can u guys have concert here!!!!

  48. yup!!! sooo wish the gazettE will have their concert here in the philippines!!!

  49. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Id die if they came to America. please have mercy on me and come when i can go.

  50. i love the gazette awesome jrock music. love it oh yeah and im not even asian im mexican american

  51. need to go to japan im imlove with these visual kei bands

  52. i now in malaysia i like reita in the gazette group i want to meet them but…i can’t cause i didn’t have a money to go to japan….:(((


  54. Actually I prefer some of their songs live than the recorded versions. In my opinion Ruki’s performance of DIM SCENE at Tokyo Dome was simply unmatched. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Same goes for Bathroom. Just the way that his voice echoes in the huge arena is amazing and beautiful.

    It is actually the only band which I prefer lives, simply because yes, Ruki can sing, and yes, they can play their instruments.

  55. My first Jrock band was Dir En Grey and I love them to death! I have practically all their music on my computer! Just got into the Gazette yesterday and I feel in love instantly! It kind of gets me down that they don’t tour America :/ And Dir En Grey canceled their tour this year TT-TT

  56. i just want ,informations .if when there concert here in the philippines…..

  57. the gazette im Lyle from CEBU Philippines please have a concert here someday
    😉 ❤

  58. I LOVE this band~. The first song I heard by them was “SHIVER” when it came out as the opening for Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) Season 2.

    Since then, I’ve discovered so many of their amazing songs. Check out my GazettE dedicated blog:

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