Band: X Japan

Vocal: Toshi

Bass: Heath

Guitar: hide

Guitar: Pata

Drums/Piano: Yoshiki

Ex-bassist: Taiji

X Japan were one of the first visual bands in Japan and also one of the most popular. They started in teh mid-80’s with the union of school friends Yoshiki (drums and piano) and Toshi (lead vocals). After that the joined with a couple other guys and formed the band X.

At that time Pata (guitar) and Taiji (bass) joined the band. In 1988 they made their first album ‘Vanishing Vision’ and hired a second guitarist, hide. The album was released on Yoshikis new record label Extasy. It was a great success and they changed to Sony records. More albums (‘Blue Blood’ and ‘Jealousy’) and more touring. With Jealousy they tried to come out in America, but no one there wanted visual bands.

They renamed the band in X Japan because in America there was already a band called X. The band had great success in Japan and the members also made solo projects. At this time Taiji (bass) left the band and was replace with Heath(Art of Life Album). Yoshiki wrote the 23 minutes long song ‘Art of life’ which was the first record on their new label Atlantic Records. In 1996 finally came their last album ‘Dahlia’.

In the spring of 1997 Toshi (vocals) decided to quit the band for ‘artistic and religous reasons’, so they announced their disbanding in September 1997. They made a final Goodbye concert in December. The members made different solo projects. In 1998 a tragedy happened, hide died. The fans were shocked and Yoshiki drew back from public. In 2000 he started a comeback with his project Violet UK. On June 4, 2007 it was announced the band would reunite, with the band performing on October 22, 2007, during which a music video for a new song, titled “I.V.” was shot.

Just days before the concert JRR was able to sit now and interview Heath and Pata. Heath’s Interview & Pata’s Interview

March 28th, 29th, and 30th marked the three day tour in the famous Tokyo Dome for ~Night of Destruction~, ~Night of Madness~, and ~Night of Creation~. The original event was planned for a day gap in the concerts since Yoshiki is known for medical problems after shows, but later the 29th was added. During the ~Night of Destruction~ concert on the 28th, Yoshiki collapsed about two hours into the show for the Art of Life song. He collapsed unconscious on his drums and some minutes later were carried off my staff. At a press conference after the 28th date concert he appeared to be fine, in the words that he was exhausted and overwhelmed. The three day concert also included Sugizo (LUNA SEA) playing side by side a $1.5 million(USD) hologram that displayed various images of their deceased guitarist, hide Matsumoto. Wes Borland, formerally of American hip-hop/rock group LIMP BIZKIT was supposed to play with the group, but things changed.
March 30/31st also announced the event of X Japan’s Official Myspace.

X-Japan Discography

Heath’s Official Site
hide’s Official Fanclub
Toshi’s Official [Japanese]
Toshi’s Myspace
Yoshiki’s Myspace
Yoshiki’s Official Site
Pata’s OHP
Pata’s Myspace
X Japan’s Official Myspace

X Japan related profiles:
Yoshiki | hide | Sugizo | S.K.I.N.



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  1. They are the best japanese band ever, they stared everything.

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