Band: UnsraW

Started: April 2006

Status: Active

Bass: Rai
Guitar: Tetsu
Guitar: Jun
Drums: Shou

History: On April 2006 not long after the breakup of CORE THE CHILD Vocalist Yuuki and Drummer Shou created the band UnsraW. The band masked marionette style gives them the mood of mystery , but the vocalist “Death Voice” is what really sets them on top of the Visual Kei/Metal scene. Almost a year and they have made lasting impressions.

Opinion: I really like them and I hope for more out of them and I hope that they come overseas. Any Metal fan looking for a Japanese band that is not like An Cafe or anything like that would like to hear UnsraW. I would recommend this band.

Singles/Maxi Singles: Lustful Days, Gate of Death, 9

Albums: Calling, Spiral Circle-Complete, Spiral Circle

DVDs: Screaming Birthday

UnsraW Offical Website
UnsraW Offical Myspace
UnsraW Offical band blog (japanese)
UnsraW Offical band blog (english)



7 Responses to “UnsraW”

  1. Psst, the vocalist’s name is Yuuki, not Isamu. I’m not sure where on Earth you got “Isamu” from. o_O Also, the drummer’s name is Shou, not Sho.

  2. Jackie did this profile. I’ll update the information once I verify that you are correct or not.

  3. yuuki… unsraw… the best… and D’espairsRay too i like D’espairsRay and Unsraw!
    yuuki and hizumi.. *_*

  4. wath!?
    the vocalis is yuuki.. and drum is sho… ¬¬

  5. I don’t think I understand your comments? o.O

  6. I had just seen this band but I like them. They are so cool. And their song really mistery. I like shou

  7. If you want to get technical, on their MySpace before it was deleted, it said either Isamu OR Yuuki for his name.
    It was also spelled Yuki, not Yuuki, but I don’t see anyone complaining.
    It shouldn’t matter if it’s spelled Sho or Shou. It means the same damn thing. If you want to get technical, it SHOULD be spelled Shou.

    On a side note, this band is absolutely amazing. ^0^

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