Band: Phantasmagoria

Vocal: Riku

Bass: Kisaki

Guitar: Jun
Ex-vocalist: Mao
Ex-guitarist: Iori
Ex-drummer: Shion
Ex-drummer: Matoi

They formed in November of 2004 and their first single “Material Pain” was released in Shoxx Magazine on December 21 of the same year. The following day they also released their first Maxi-single, “Moonlight Revival”.
Phantasmagoria claimed the cover of a well-known visual kei magazine, Cure, only one month after officially forming, becoming one of the fastest indies bands to appear on the cover of a magazine.

Rame (bassist of Vidoll) teasingly began referring to the band as “Mago-Mago”. (Mago means “grandchildren” and was taken from Phantas-mago-ria.) The name “Mago” is now used by fans as well.

Phantasmagoria played their first concerts in the United States on October 21 and 22nd, 2005 at Oni-con in Houston, Texas. On March 26th, the band played their first Japanese one-man.

On February 23rd, 2007, guitarist Iori and drummer Matoi left the band. On April 5th, KISAKI announced that he will be retiring, and that Iori and Matoi have returned to the band, but the band will be “sealing.” He followed up on the announcement on a live radio show on April 8th, where the band’s first and last fan trip was revealed, as well as the final event tour and final oneman tour. KISAKI will officially retire from the active visual kei scene on August 27, 2007 but will continue to run his label and produce.

As a side note Riku, Matoi, and Jun have all started new solo projects/bands.

Riku’s new band “Chariot” includes members from Pashya, Pumpkin Head, and Jaguar. They have released a new single called “Cold Play.” You can watch the PV here Cold Play PV

Jun’s new band “ATTIC” has released a new single called “DRAMATIC.” Watch the PV here DRAMATIC PV

Matoi’s new band “JILL CHRIST” will have thier First Live: May 5th at Holiday Osaka and their First Single: chrism…code46358

Opinion: All I can say is that I kinda cried when denial finally vanished and I realised that Mago Mago really are disbanding…I just can’t believe it…I wish it wasn’t true. It’s so unfair…

Albums/minis: Splendor of Sanctuary, Synthesis Songs, Subjective or Ideal, Requiem -Funeral Edition-, Requiem -Floral Edition-Singles: Material Pain, Moonlight Revival, NEVER REBELLION, Mikansei to Guilt, Shinsoukyoku -Variant Jihad-, Kyousoukyoku -Cruel Crucible-, Gensoukyoku -Eternal Silence-, Under the Veil, Signs of Fragment, Vain, Kami Uta

Kisaki’s Blog
Kisaki Fansite
Moonlight-Revival English Fansite



18 Responses to “Phantasmagoria”

  1. NOOO!!!
    They broke up
    Bad Kisaki making the band break.

  2. NOOO!!!
    Tho they were an awesome band and I love Fariy Time Memory.

  3. […] Phantasmagoria — Updated […]

  4. OMG! Phantasmagoria’s song: Lost in Thought is GREAT!! ^_^ I know that they’re broken up, but I still love them. Their Visual Kei looks awesome. Hopefully, they’ll come back together and produce more songs..^_^ If not, it’s still alright. They did wonderful..

  5. This sucks!!!! Phantasmagoria rules how could they break up?!?!?!

  6. You didn’t know?

  7. Wait Mao is the Ex Vocalist is that the Same Mao from Sadie

  8. Band members often have names that could be used by another person. We could check into it.

  9. Ok cool because if that is the same Mao from sadie that would be awesome cause Sadie rocks also ^.^

  10. ^_^
    uma otima banda de visual kei xDD

  11. damn how could they break up……i really like their music it was so pretty! *sigh* oh well hopefully they will get back together…..

  12. I love phantasmagoria and YUN!!!

  13. Ok, they broke up, but their music is not dead, is it? And we also can see them, just not together. ^^ But yeah, phantasmagoria was f***ing good. ^^

  14. i leve phantasmagoria and their music and Jun<3

  15. Anyone know where to buy their CD’s?
    I can’t find them anywhere. 😦
    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it

  16. buy from CDJapan.

    their final song is wonderful… ! Vanish…
    It’s really wonderful. I miss them 😦

  17. Ehhhhhhhhhhh? They broke up? WTF? It’s not searously, is it?

  18. best song …Vanish …most beautiful

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