Band: Megamasso

Vocals: Inzargi

Bass: Gou

Guitar: Ryouhei
Ex-drummer: Yuuta

History: Ryouhei formed Megamasso after leaving Ayabie due to differences in 2006. They released their first mini album, Namida Neko on December 6th and were distributed through Like an Edison. Megamasso held their first live performance at Shibuya O-East, they performed a few unreleased songs, which would be released on their second mini album, Kai no Me Tou no Zokuryou.

On March 21st, Megmasso released their first full length album, Yuki Shitatari Hoshi, and Hoshi Furi Machi Nite, their first single, a few months later. Shortly after the release of the single Yuuta left the band over conflicting interests.

Opinion: Give them a few more years and I think they will be great. I recently downloaded an album, some of the songs are great, but others, well, others just stink. Not that that means I do not enjoy them, I just think that they need time to blossom into another good band.

Albums/minis: Namida Neko, Kai no Me Tou no Zokuryou, Yuki Shitatari Hoshi
Single: Hoshi Furi Machi Nite, LIPS

Megamasso Official
Ryouhei’s Blog



3 Responses to “Megamasso”

  1. Megamasso!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    I rp as Inzargi on myspace and I love thi band. Ryouhei was my fav member of Ayabie and when he left it made me sad. But when I heard that he formed a band I was soooo happy.
    Go RYOUHEI!!!!!

  2. They’re different from what I usually listen to, but the more I listen to them, the more I grow to love them.

  3. At first I didn’t really care much for them..
    but when my friend borrowed my ipod & put their songs in it..
    i just can’t stop listening to it. 😀

    がんばって !

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