Band: Nightmare [Naitomea]


Vocals: Yomi

Bass: Ni~ya

Guitar: Hitsugi

Guitar: Sakito

Drums: Ruka
Ex-drummer: Zennin

History: Guitarists Hitsugi and Sakito formed Nightmare around January of 2000, and originated in Sendai, to later be joined by Yomi, Ni~ya and Zennin. Zennin left several months later, it took until November of 2000 before Ruka replaced him.

Their first tour was in July of 2001, and released their demo tape, Zange, in August. When Nightmare released Hankouki in October it sold out pretty damn quick during pre-orders, the following month there was a second pressing.

Jiyuu Honpo Tenshi Ranman was released in February of 2002, and was followed up with a tour in Nagoya and Osaka. After releasing two more singles Nightmare released their first mini-album, Outlaw.

Nightmare released their first full length album in April of 2003, and later announced their major status with Nippon Crown.

Since then Nightmare has toured a good many times, released a DVD under their alter egos, Sendai Kamotsu, released a few more singles and another album.This year they released their newest album, The WORLD, two of the songs are the opening and ending themes for the anime Death Note.

Opinion: I adore this band as a whole, music, the way the act, everything. They rock.
Now, the frequent visitors should know by now that I am a drum and bass person, and am not really into vocalists, but like a few other bands, this vocalist has knocked me over. Yomi’s vibratto is, well, I can’t even think of words to describe it, it’s just so beautiful, so amazing, and on ocassion very soothing. There’ve been times when I’ve been so out of whack, stressed, that as soon as I put a song like ~lulu~, or crevasse on I drifted off to sleep [even though the meanings of the songs aren’t for sleeping, haha]. Ni~ya is more than brilliant, in every way his bass skills please me, which is a very rare thing for me to say, I always find something weak, but Ni~ya? No, his solos, even normal playing, to me he is perfect, I couldn’t ask for more. To be honest hearing the bass is one of the key reasons why I started loving Nightmare. Hitsugi, the one every person at one point in time thinks of as a freak, yes, I did too, his Visual Kei look once scared 7 buckets of hell out of me, and called him Metal Face due to thinking that that many piercings was ridiculous. So childish, I know. Well guess what, after listening to him play his public penis [also known as the guitar], watching him get all shy when Yomi makes him talk to a crowd, or when Yomi decided to hump and moan over his hand elephant, or even when the and reading a few interviews which showed his gentle, sweet side, I have come to be very fond of him. I now use Metal Face with so much fan love behind it. Sakito is another awesome guitarist in my top five, just like Hitsugi my jaw is usually hanging, even if I’ve heard a certain solo 50 times before. From what I’ve seen I am in love with his sense of humour. Finally, Ruka, so many drummers in every genre disappoint me with their extreme use of the cymbals and the rare tap to the bass drum, Ruka is a gift from the JRock Gods, I hear drumming, actual drumming! Every song doesn’t have the same exact cymbal sounds, I think I died and went to JRock Heaven, really, I think I could cry tears of joy, too many bands have deprived me of a real drummer until now. [No, I don’t include drummers like Yoshiki, Shinya, Nao, etc to be disappointments.] Thank you Ruka for having real talent.

As you all should be able to tell I love Nightmare.
I will be purchasing their Konoha single as soon as it comes out, after that I will get the money to buy pretty much every cd they sell on CDJapan, yep, the closest to a complete collection.

Albums/mini-albums: Outlaw, Gianism ~omae no mono wa ore no mono~, Gianism ~ore no mono wa ore no mono~, Ultimate Circus, リヴィド, anima, Gianism ~Nightmare no Kuse n Namaikidazo~, the WORLD Ruler

Singles: Zange, Hankouki, Gaia~Zenith Side~, Gaia~Nadir Side~, Jiyuu Honpo Tenshin Ranman, Crash!? Nightmare Channel, -Believe-, 茜/HATE/Over, Varuna, Shian, Jibun no Hana, Raven Loud Speeeaker, livEVIL, the WORLD, Raison d’Etre, Konoha

Nightmare’s Official Website
Nightmare Interview – The WORLD Ruler



47 Responses to “Nightmare”

  1. NIGHTMARE!!!!
    I love this band more then I love LM.C but less then Gazette.
    My fav member is Hitsugi.
    He looks awesome and he plays guitar in a way that makes you kind of….. oh I dont know how to describe it but he plays like a god.

    Tho I wonder how long it takes him to get ALL that make-up and everything on??
    It must take a while.

  2. Everyone seems to love Hitsugi, hm, not that I can blame anyone, he appears to be such a sweet, and gentle man.

    If it’s the standard dark eyes I don’t think it would take too long.
    Now, if it was something like the make-up he wore in the photoshoot with that snake, or the other more extravagant styles, those would definitely take some time.

    Although, I’m sure his make-up artists are godly, so it probably doesn’t take ridiculous lengths of time to dress him up.

    My personal favourite is Yomi, he’s such a comedian, I love it, he’s always cracking me up.
    Has a killer vibrato too.

    [When he’s Chiba he is very fun to cosplay, I had a blast copying his make-up…Maybe one day I will post the picture. XD]

  3. Yomi’s singing voice is beautiful, I wish they would tour America one day. Particullarly in my area. I love this band and almost all their music, especially Varuna, Aluminia, and The World.

  4. Well……

    I must admit that I was also intimidated by Hitsugi’s appearance but it came to pass..

    I noticed Nightmare when my friend gave me a dvd of the anime Death Note and told me that I should listen to the songs (not watch the anime)
    and after a week, he almost paid me to stop singing Alumina…

    My favorite member is Yomi because he could shift his voice so well and he’s just so damn cool!

    Actually if I could just choose everyone of them I will..

  5. I´m from Germany/doitsu/Dutschland…
    I write in German, ok?
    Ich liebe Nightmare! Die sind alle ganz toll, der Sänger sowie der Rest! *alle knuddel* -Hab euch Lieb (natürlich auch die Fans ^^)

    greetings/Grüße from Germany/doitsu.

    Nici ( XD )
    (ob man mich hier überhaupt versteht….?)

  6. I don’t even know German yet I mostly understood what you said.
    I’m sorry I don’t know how to reply in German…

    I really love Nightmare too. The whole band is crazy, they are amazing. Yomi is so nuts, I love him. XD

    Thank you for stopping by Nici. ^^

    Ich liebe wirklich Nightmare auch. Das vollständige Band ist verrückt, sie sind erstaunlich. Yomi ist so Nüsse, ich lieben ihn. XD

    Danke für das Stoppen durch Nici. ^^

    (ich benutzte einen on-line-Übersetzer. Traurig, wenn es nicht. gut ist)

  7. @elynsysnos
    Es hört sich echt lustig an! XD -But I understand it ^^
    Can you speak/write Japanish?? -i can words, but not sentences…. T^T
    tja.., ^^ Were are you from?? (Von woher kommst du??)


  8. I’m learning Japanese, I don’t know much right now, next year I will be taking classes in the college. ^^ I only basic dialogue, like greetings, how to have a small conversation, daily activities… Right now I am learning to read and write kanji (which is so difficult to remember when compared to hiragana and katakana ;_; )

    I’m British, but I’m currently living in the U.S.

    Ich erlerne Japaner, ich weiß nicht viel im Augenblick, folgendes Jahr, das ich Kategorien im Hochschule^^ I nur grundlegenden Dialog nehmen werde, wie Grüße, wie man hat ein kleines Gespräch, tägliche Tätigkeiten… Im Augenblick erlerne ich, Kanji (den zu lesen und zu schreiben so schwieriges Erinnern ist, wenn es mit Hiragana und Katakana verglichen wird ; _; )

    Ich bin britisch, aber ich lebe z.Z. in den US.

    I’m curious, how bad is the online translator?


  9. Ich kann halt leider nur Vocabeln…. -.-
    Kennst du “Cinema Bizarre”??? -Die kommen aus Deutschland und stylen sich auch Visual Kei Mäßig ^^ (Die sind echt geil!!)

    Ich hab Indianer-Verwante in meiner Familie!! (darauf bin ich total stolß!) XP
    Ansonsten sind alle reinrassig Deutsch -.- ich war leider auch noch nie im Ausland *heul*

    Hab idch Lieb *knuddel*


  10. Cinema Bizarre? Never heard of it/them. Is Cinema Bizarre any good?

    Indian? That’s awesome. ^^
    I used to be fluent in Portuguese, and pretty good in French, but I’ve forgotten. ;__; I now only speak English, with snippets of Japanese.

    If you ever travel, don’t go to the US, it isn’t a great place to visit, the only thing good about it is JRock Revolution… Other than that it sucks.

    *hugs* ^^

    Cinema Bizarre? Nie gehörtes ihm/ihnen. Ist Cinema Bizarre irgendein gutes?
    Indisch? Das ist ehrfürchtiges ^^
    das ich pflegte, auf portugiesisch fließend zu sein und auf französisch hübsches gutes, aber ich hatte vergessen. ;__; ich jetzt spreche nur Englisch, mit snippets des Japaners.

    Wenn Sie überhaupt reisen, nicht in die US, es ist nicht gehen ein großer zu besuchender Platz, die einzige Sache, die über ihn gut ist, ist JRock Revolution… Anders als das saugt er.

  11. XD Cinema Bizarre ist echt gut^^ geh mal drauf:
    ^^ Das erste ist zwar alles auf Deutsch, aber mit den Liedern (die werden zwar nur angespielt, aber man kann sie sich kostenlos anhören ^^)
    Das zweite ist das Aktuelle Video “Lovesongs (they kill me)” ^^
    Lohnt sich echt!
    Auch andere sollten sich das ma reinziehen!!


  12. Omg! Nightmare is awesome!! they’re my favourite band!! I like yomi the best coz he’s so cute!!

  13. XD I´m from germany so I write in german:
    hey Yomi!!!
    deine Lach kann doch echt ma keiner Toppen! XD naja… außer ich mit Lachkrampf, aber den hört man nicht so gerne wie deine Lache ^^” hehe
    Hab euch alle (+Fans) gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz doll lieb ^^ *knuddel*

    gruß aus deutschland von:

  14. @Nici

    Oh! I’ve heard that song before! I never found out the band that made it though. Thanks for telling me! ^^

    OH-! Ich habe dieses Lied vorher gehört! Ich fand nie das Band heraus, das es zwar bildete. Dank für das Erklären mir! ^^

  15. Hast du sie dir angeguckt???

  16. I absolutly ADORE this band. And Sakito Obvs haha.

    I so so so badly wanna see them live but i doubt theyll be coming over to the U.K =[ Which is sucky…But i would definatly go to japan to see them…if i could afford it =[

    Nightmare rule<3


  17. Yomi’s sooooo hot!!!! this is one of my fav jpop bands!!

  18. Nightmare is not Jpop.

  19. Naitomea!!! Sweeet!!! I already know their whole bio, history, and likes and dislikes, but I love this page! Neeer~! I heard that they WERE going to tour America once, but something happened and they couldnt…. Wah… T-T

  20. This band is amazing!

    I can’t understand a word they say but it’s inspiring, so beautiful.

    I plan to learn Japanese, simply to understand this amazing language and lyrics. Truely, fantastic.

  21. nightmare is so awesome i love this band so much that this go’s out to all of them so yomi,ni~ya,hitsugi,sakito,ruka you are the best & you all have my respct so from your bigist fan rock on

  22. where can I find romaji and english lyrics of their songs Konoha and Over?

  23. YOMI !!!! HE IS A HOTTIE

  24. I seriously enjoy Nightmare. And surprisingly, their “opposite” band, Sendai Kamotsu, is…er…pretty good too. It’s just waaaaay different

  25. i love nightmare they just rock my world

    and Hitsugi is so cute and a good guitarest

    ich lieben Nightmare!!!

  26. where can I find nightmare backgrounds?

  27. Hehe I noticed Nightmare from watching Death Note and I noticed that I liked both the beginning and ending songs. Then I found out they were by the same band and found them on youtube.

    My favorite is Hitsugi!!!

    And I wish that Nightmare would come to the US… particularly somewhere in my area ^_^

  28. Sakito is such a sweetheart! Yomi is a total teddybear. Ruka and Ni~Ya are goofy ! And Hitsugi is really gentle. I love them!

  29. OMG i love this band my fave person in this band has to be hitsugi I LOVE HITSUGI.
    I would love to attend 1 of there conserts they sound awsome

  30. Love the band! Haha Hitsugi never looked scary to me. I was attracted to him the first time I watched Alumina. But everyone’s so fun and sweet, and it’s great when you listen to their music. And Yomi’s vibrato is great. I also admire Ruka’s drumming skills. He’s inspired me to become a drummer(THANK YOU RUKA!! m(^o^)m), and I want to be as good as him, and I also want to become as good of a singer as Yomi. Woo Nightmare!!
    They also NEED to come to the US! If they don’t do that in the near future, I’m going to DIE!!!

  31. I love Nightmare it’s one of my favorite japanese bands! I only have two! XD Hitsugi is my favorite but it think that is just because people think he looks scary but in reality he is a really sweet guy. I never thought of him as scary but all my guy friends told me he was which is kind of sad….anyways HITSUGI ROCKS! >.< <3<3<3

  32. Hitsugi-kun!
    He reminds me so much of Miyavi-sama!
    I love the band so much; especially “The WORLD” and “Alumina”.
    I must say, when I get older, I hope to be an amazing guitarist too!

  33. Nightmare is wonderful. They are my favorite Jrock band. I would die jsut to meet one of them in real life. Especially Hitsugi and Sakito. I’m not too fond of Yomi in the personality department, but his voice is amazing. So, I’ll just ignore his personality for now. And focus on his amazing voice.

  34. Nightmare iz so awsome. They r 1 of my favorite band. I espcially luv Yomi, Hitsugi, n Sakito. Yomi voice iz so amazing. I luv al of u hope 2 c more soon

  35. I like Yomi’s voice.. It’s so cool.. But I like Ruki’s voice the most. *lol* They’re so cool! I like Hitsugi. I always listens to THE WORLD and ALUMINA.. ^^

  36. we are big fans from Italy!!
    will you play in Italy one day?
    hope yes,

  37. wtf, hitsugi is such an attention whore lol

  38. I used to hate visual-kei.
    Then Death note anime introduced this band to me.
    I changed my mind.
    Nightmare rocks.The world with DN OP1 is awesome!
    Am I only one?

  39. I love nightmare,I love visual kei
    my favorite members is Ruka,sakito and yomi…

  40. Love Nightmare~ ❤ YOMI!!!!!!!!!!! Also My friend loves Hitsugi~

  41. They’re coming out with a NEW single with Avex called “VERMILLION”

    Found the translated news on

  42. how old is hitsugi again…people are very confusing puting his age all over like idk im so confused can someone tell me?

  43. Minna, new year is coming and i am very excited coz you know january 1 is nightmares 12th anniversary! I am going to celebrate this with my friends! Hontou ni!

  44. Minna, new year is coming and i am very excited coz you know january 1 is nightmares 12th anniversary! I am going to celebrate this with my friends! Hontou ni! Katie davies, hitsugi is now 29. He was born on march 5, 1982

  45. Naitomea! Advanced happy anniversary!

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  47. rocking band i like it alot

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