Band: Sugar


Voice: Loki

Bass: Shingo

Guitar: SIZNA

Drums: Atsuto

Ex Members:

Bass: Koto (05-12/21/07)

History: Formed in 2005, Sugar kept their original lineup until December 2007, when Koto officially left the band (reason being he didn’t have the same goals as the rest of the band); their new line up consists of Loki on vocals, Shingo on bass, SIZNA on guitar, and Atsuto on drums. Shortly after forming they held their first live at Urawa Narciss, here they distributed their first CD, “Ridicule/Dry Flower.” During 2005 Sugar performed various lives at venues such as Urawa Narciss, Ikebukuro Cyber, Holiday Shinjuku, and Numazu Noir. Sugar played at, “Kuro Ari to Shirozatou” at Takadano Baba AREA on August 9th. Shortly afterwards their first maxi single, “Mental Sketch Modified,” was released. Eight days later they played a free one-man live to commemorate the nation wide sale of their maxi single. In October the band played a three man with SULFURIC ACID and ジゴロ at Urawa Narciss. For the rest of 2005 Sugar continued performing at various venues.

Sugar kicked off 2006 with their first tour, “Kuro Ari to Shirozatou Vol. 2.” On the opening day of the tour they released their second single, “Berry.” They continued their insane live schedule, and in May performed a three man show with The Candy Spooky Theatre and Calmando Qual.

Their “Distance to Grave of Mind” began in July, followed up by their first mini album, “grave of mind,” which was sold nationwide. This tour concluded on August 26th at the Takeda Baba [Takadano Baba?] AREA. In the beginning of November Sugar teamed up with emmuree for their two man tour, “- Darker Meets Deeper -,” selling a limited coupling CD of the same name.

For the rest of 2006 Sugar performed with bands such as KuRt, bis, and lynch.

2007 started with another tour, their second anniversary tour, “Blessing for New Cradle,” once again followed up with a maxi single, their second maxi single, “Rotten Words,” which was also sold nationwide.

For the first half of this year, like their previous years, they performed many lives, and even participated in a handful of instore events.

By the time July rolled around Sugar has teamed up for yet another two man tour, カップリングツアー
『薔薇と蜜、甘く馨る陶酔の交わりact 1 -舞踏会-第一夜』”
this time with Kaya.

Like Sugar’s other years, this year will undoubtedly end with many, many more lives and in store events, hey, maybe we’ll see some more new releases!

Update: On Dec. 31 Sugar played their final live with bassist, Koto. Replacing him is Shingo, an apparently new face to the visual scene. Sugar has also announced plans for two new Singles in the new year, Blossom (release date 1/16/08) and Sweetest (release date 3/5/08).

Albums/mini albums: Grave of Mind

Singles/maxi singles: Rotten Words, Ridicule, Dry Flower, Mental Sketch Modified, Berry, Darker Meets Deeper, Yokusou, Blossom, Sweetest

Sugar’s Official Site


Suggested Songs:
Togabito no Sora


13 Responses to “Sugar”

  1. I’ll upload some songs for this when I get home 😀

  2. You have such a horrid memory, Sammeh, 3 days later and still no songs. *laughs*

  3. Gah!!

    I shall do it now:lol:

  4. Don’t forget!

    Don’t let Asagi distract you again.

  5. Done 😀

    Those’re my two favorite Sugar songs.

  6. hehe eyebrowless.

  7. […] From the Sugar Profile. […]

  8. I just wanna know who Charlie is

  9. It’s probably Sizna’s imaginary friend.


  10. does anyone happen to know loki’s height? oO
    I was really shocked to see him in a video being at least by half a head taller than sizna (who’s also taller than the other two) and loki looked so damned huge… |D

  11. does anyone know if the bassist in Blossom PV is Shingo or Koto?

  12. @comment before:
    in the PV for Blossom? that’s Shingo, you can tell by his large eyes 😉

  13. Does anyone know where to find Sugar lyrics in japanese, romaji or english??? specifically for Sleepy, Rotten words for dear and Dry Flower????

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