Malice Mizer

Band: Malice Mizer


Tetsu Era (92-94)

(from left to right: Közi, Yu~ki, Tetsu, Kami and Mana)
Vocals: Tetsu
Guitars: Mana & Kozi
Bass: Yu~ki
Drums: Gaz, then later replaced by Kami

Gackt Era — Malice Mizer
Gackt Era (95-99)
(from left to right: Mana, Gackt, Kami, Közi and Yu~ki)
Vocals: Gackt
Guitars: Mana & Kozi
Bass: Yu~ki
Drums: Kami

Klaha Era (00-01)
(from left to right: Yu~ki, Mana, Klaha and Közi)
Vocals: KlahaGuitars: Mana & Kozi
Bass: Yu~ki

Started: 1992
Status: Indefinite Hiatus

Malice Mizer was formed in 1992 by Mana and Közi with Tetsu on vocals, both Mana and Közi on guitars/synthesizers, Yu~ki on bass and Gaz on drums. From the outset, the band established their trademark “twin guitar”‘ sound, whereby two guitars play different melodies creating polyphony. Malice Mizer’s sound during the Tetsu era was a mixture of rock, early 1980s goth, and strong classical influences. Later, in 1995, after a year of inactivity, Malice Mizer recruited Gackt as their new vocalist. With a new concept created by Mana, the band’s music became more progressive and complex incorporating even stronger classical, electronical and using instruments like accordion remembering French popular music of the 19th century. Visually, the band abandoned their 1980s goth look for colourful historical costumes always with a gothic feel. A few months after Gackt’s departure, drummer Kami died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage on June 21, 1999, leaving behind a handful of songs, which the band eventually released as part of the EP/video boxset Shinwa. Kami was never replaced; from that point on, Malice Mizer would only use support drummers (namely Shue, who is not shown in the band’s later and final music videos, nor credited) and Kami would be credited as “eternal blood relative” on all their future releases. In the second half of 1999 and the beginning of 2000, Malice Mizer — still without an official vocalist — released a number of singles and began to work on a new album. Eventually, they recruited Klaha who stayed with the band until its announcement of hiatus.

Malice Mizer Discrography

Malice Mizer’s official
Klaha’s official
Mana’s official
Közi’s official
Tetsu’s official
Gackt’s official

Other Projects:
After his departure in 1994, Tetsu has subsequently taken part in a series of bands such as Zigzo and Mega 8 Ball and has released one solo album; his most recent being the independently released band Nil.

After his departure in the beginning of 1999, Gackt started a solo career almost after a year which has been enormously successful; he is now one of Japan’s top entertainers and TV personalities.

Klaha started a solo career as well in December 2002; as of 2005 the status of his project is uncertain.

Mana has formed his own solo project, Moi dix Mois, performing live concerts across Europe. A U.S. tour for 2007 is in the works, according to Mana’s personal blog. In addition to the successful solo project, Mana simultaneously pursues a career as fashion designer for his fashion label, Moi-même-Moitié, which focuses on the styles Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) and Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL). He continues to also run his Indie record label, Midi:Nette, and is looking for bands to sign and produce.

Közi has joined Haruhiko Ash’s Industrial band Eve of Destiny and also has a solo project.

The whereabouts of Yu~ki were unknown until he briefly resurfaced in 2004 as lyricist for Közi’s single “Memento.” He is quoted as being eager to return to the music scene in an informal conversation with Klaha.


3 Responses to “Malice Mizer”

  1. I feel so sorry for Malice Mizer. I loved them, and love them right now. Poor Kami!

  2. wow my nag comment ng tagalog!! well malice.. well all miss you we play all your songs often.. i wish i can meet malice mizer… i love the way mana dress… -michael of phillipines-

  3. still my fave band. kami’s drumming was awesome, and i loved his hair! it was so long that he could sit on it. Sometime before he died he had cut his hair, saying that it was interfering with his drumming, and it seemed true, since on stage he was showing an awesome, even better than before, drumming.

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