Band: Vidoll

Vocal: Jui

Bass: Rame

Guitar: Giru

Guitar: Shun

Drums: Tero
Ex-guitarist: Yukine
Ex-guitarist: Hide
Ex-guitarist: Ayano

History: Rame formed Vidoll in 2002 with Jui, Yukine, Ayano, and Tero. Their first performance was in May of the same year at the Yokohama Arena Soundhall, and shortly afterwards released their first two maxi-singles, face↑pisaroto and face↓mayura. When Kisaki founded the Under Code Productions label Vidoll was one of the bands that signed with him. In March of 2003 Vidoll’s first releases on the new label were a few singles and a mini-album.On June 26th they held their first one-man performance, a little over a month later Ayano left the band, Hide formerly of Vanilla replaced him.In 2005 Vidoll released a best-of album on the French label Mabell. Mukashi futokoro KASHI Nigyou shuu + omake, was released on June 8th, 2005. It completely sold out.At the end of June Hide and Yukine left the band, Shun and Giru joined as Vidoll’s new guitarists.

In 2006 Vidoll left Under Code Productions to later sign with Sword Records. Their next album, V.I.D.~Very Important Doll~ was released in November.

Vidoll’s new official site went up in March of this year [2007].

Albums/minis: Proposal ~Sotsugyou Kohuaku~, V.I.D ~Very Important Doll~, Deathmate, Mukashi futokoro KASHI Ningyou shuu + omake tsuki, Mukashi futokoro KASHI Ningyou shuu ~ so no ichi, Mukashi futokoro KASHI Ningyou shuu ~ so no ni, Romanesque Gothic, If…yakubutsu ranyo bokumetsu campaign

Singles: face↓mayura, face↑pisaroto, occult proposal, If…Levotomin (Y LV 25 25) 475 mg, If… Tori kabuto (shikibetsu code nashi) 120mg, kana na no chikai mimi, genjouteki ni kiken na title no tame kouhyou dekimasen, boku shimobe, hitori kiri no chriXXsu, wagahau wa korosukenari…, HxMxCRASHTRAP@, Remind Story, Shutdown, Chocoripeyes, SinAi ~migi te no kattaa to hidari te no doraguu to kusuri yubi no fukai ai to~, Nectar, Message Card, Juu nen go no kyou koko de…, INNOCENT TEENS, Cloud
Vidoll’s Official Website
Rame’s Blog


8 Responses to “Vidoll”

  1. I love all of you songs. You guys are so cool.

  2. Vidoll rockz! You guyz r so hot its not even funny! ❤

  3. thank ¡


  4. so cooll!!!!! so cooll!!!!!
    i like this band very much!!!!!
    vidoru, ganbaru!!!
    juiiiiiiii…… youuuuu……

  5. JUI I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  6. I love the music. Actually my fav member is Jui, but I love Tero, Shun, and Giru, and okay, Rame too. I think all of them very handsome.

  7. Jui has such a beautiful voice.

  8. Rame,…I like U,..


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