~ Interview with NoveLis ~

NoveLis (ノべリス)

Vocalist: Rui

Bassist: yuky

Guitarist: Reno (零乃)

Drummer: Ko-ki

Keyboardist: Sakura (櫻)

NoveLis emerged in February of 2007, with all of their current members, except Sakura, who later joined as an official member of NoveLis in July.

2007 has been a year that concentrated mostly on performing lives at places such as Ikebukuro Cyber, Harajuku Astro Hall, and Urawa Narciss, along with going to instore events, and making a few appearances on tv, in the CURE magazine (vol. 49&50), and even on the radio.

May 30th saw the release of NoveLis’s first single, “Daiyonshou RIVAIA kunimonogatari ~Ritual~” which was later released in an omnibus, “JUDGMENT#001”

Almost five months later, they released another single, “Rivaiakoku Monogatari Daisanshou ~Itsuwari no Reikoku~” this time containing two songs, Venom, and the title song. Their third single was scheduled to be released in November, but due to them not being pleased with the quality they pushed the release date back to December 2nd. Not only that, but NoveLis recently announced that the performance at Ikebukuro Cyber on the 2nd of December will also be their last free event.

On the 19th of November (2007), Ko-ki made a blog entry informing NoveLis fans that they had announced at their recent live that they have decided upon their first one-man live! This one-man live will occur on February 2nd, 2008 at Meguro Rock Maykan (目黒鹿鳴館), which will be \2,300 or \2,800 depending on when and where the tickets are purchased.

With singles being released more often, and the announcement of their first one-man live, maybe we can all look forward to a mini-album, or even a tour!
Lets look forward to what this promising young band has yet to offer.

For such a new band, they’re pretty damn good. If NoveLis stays in the music scene for many more years to come, I will follow them, I’m so glad I caught them at this stage! They’ve released three songs that I know of, it’s more than enough to make me look forward to finding their third single. Seriously, I love this band so much that I’ve made it my job to spread their name around. I want these guys to become a huge success.

Rui has such a sweet voice. Reno just kills me when he plays guitar (if those two old videos in his blog are of him playing, good god he’s amazing!). yuky, although he’s difficult to single out when the music is playing, the times that I can hear him, kyaaa~ he rocks. I’m never really fond of keyboardists, but Sakura has won my fanheart. Ko-ki, adorable little Ko-ki, based on his looks and his personality (watch the videos on his blog, so cute) you wouldn’t ever think that he can actually beat the hell out of his drums, but, wow, he can… I am more than impressed with him, usually newer drummers suck, always concentrating on what sounds like the hi-hats (cymbals in general), and rarely making contact with the drums. I fricking love Ko-ki for blowing me away, he actually ventures around the drumset, he made me so happy. (Yes, Ko-ki is my favourite, shut up. >_>)
~ By Jenn

(2007.05.30) Rivaiakoku Monogatari Daiyonshou ~Ritual~
(2007.10.21) Rivaiakoku Monogatari Daisanshou ~Itsuwari no Reikoku~, (2007.12.02) Rivaiakoku Monogatari Dainishou -Kiuchi Karuna Varu-
(2007.12.16) Rivaiakoku Monogatari Daigoshou -Kuranado no Seii-

Official Home Page
NoveLis’s Official Myspace
Rui’s Blog
Reno’s Blog
Ko-ki’s Blog
Ko-ki’s Official Myspace
yuky’s Blog
Sakura’s Blog



9 Responses to “NoveLis”

  1. […] NoveLis […]

  2. Awesome new pictures of them ^^
    And Ko-ki has a birthday coming up next month ^____^

  3. Those do look so much better…the Jpeg artifact isn’t there anymore…(that’s the splotchy-ness from before) 😀

  4. Wow, Ko-ki’s hair looks much brighter now.

  5. They’re growing so quickly, I truly am so proud of NoveLis, and I thank you guys for continuing what I kinda started. ^^;

    I really miss working so hard on promoting them, please continue doing your best to make them break out into the JRock music scene, NoveLis deserves the recognition and fans, they are so amazing.

  6. […] NoveLis will release their 1st album on 5/14/2008. It will be a 9 track album with an attached DVD. […]

  7. ohayou gozaimasu
    aki ta midori-chan
    un gusto

  8. hey sorry for bother , can u guys give me the name of the new Novelis album songs in English !!!! ??? please i will thanks u all please

  9. ko ki and reno are in vivid now!!!!
    wow they truly had change..
    well at least ko ki but only a little personally wise he’s still the same is just how he dress now which makes the diference
    reno hasn’t change really at least not for me so…
    yeah they are with indie psc now (same label as screw and sug)
    but there’s still one thing i don’t get why the two o them are in the same band i meing i read in several places and blogs that the reason why novelis disband was because of internal fights especially between reno and ko ki…
    but anyway i’m glad they move on and aparently still being friends with each other….hopefully


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