Psycho le Cemu

Band: Psycho le Cemu

Vocals: Daishi

Guitar/Dance: Aya

Lead Guitar: Lida

Bass: Seek

Drums/Dance/Vocal: Yura-sama

~ images from SuperCosplayBand

Started: 1995
Status: Disbanded

Psycho le Cemu is a five member band that started March 1999. Five months later, the band released their first mini-album titled Self Analysis. Unfortunately there was little response to the band. In the year 2000, Psycho le Cemu released two maxi singles, again with little success. It wasn’t until around the middle of 2001 that the band began to recieve recognition. To gain more popularity the band released its first album later that same year, titled Doppleganger ~mou hitori no jibun~. They were quite successful and began to release more singles, and even re-release some of their older works. Their popularity has risen not only in the Japanese community, but in the United States as well! Psycho le Cemu has played at several anime conventions this past year, and has already agreed to play at some more conventions in 2005 as well! On a interesting note, Psycho le Cemu is heavily inspired by anime and dresses up as characters in their music videos! Psycho le Cemu has disbanded, in 2005, Daishi was arrested for substance abuse. As a result, the entire band has broken up and each member is pursuing their own solo projects.

Beautiful World – Kono Hitomi ni Utsuranai mono
A trip to the Arcadia

Love is Dead
Yume Kazaguruma
Michi no Sora
Omoide Aruki
Roman Hikou
Gekiai Merrygoround
Risoukyou Kyokou – Guide Disc



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