Band: Soroban

Vocals: Ryuuji

Bass: Tatsuhi

Guitar: Yumehito

Drums: Yuuya
Ex-guitarist: UZ

History: In April of 2002 the four of them formed a band, Primrose, and despite their youth, they actually gained a bit of success.
Two years later they changed their name to Soroban, and on June 17th they had their first performance as Soroban at the Ikebukuro Cyber. At this performance they distributed their first single, “Shirokuro Radio” for free.

On October 6th, after performing at various events, Soroban went on their first one-man at Akasaka Ian, which had sold out. “-RAM-/Orange Tegami” was released on November 1st, and ranked 7th on the Oricon charts.Soroban signed to Danger Crue and started Sky Crue records, their own sub label.

They released a mini album and three singles in 2006, which were followed by promotional performances.Shortly afterwards, Soroban announced that they would disband in August, and their last performance together would take place on August 2nd [2006].

Opinion: There’s barely enough music for me to use for an opinion, but if they stayed together I just know they could’ve become one of the big boys in JMusic.

Singles: Koudou Gestalt, Ginrei Hydration, Kinmei Nouzenharen

Mini Album: Gekisai Chappuru


6 Responses to “Soroban”

  1. Ich binja schon wieder die erste…. O.o
    I´m from germany so I write in German:
    Langsam gehen mir die Ideen aus… Ich kann ja nicht überall das selbe reinschreiben…
    Ich hab euch alle gaaanz doll lieb! ^^ (hab ich schon oft geschrieben, gleich brauch gar nicht mehr auf meine Tastatur achten, die schreibt dann ohne mich weiter XD)

    gruß aus deutschland von:

  2. they’re so good band… vocal is so beautifull i like so much
    great songs….

  3. Love SOROBAN very


  5. i’m hungarian but i write in english =))
    …or perhaps i writing it in hungarian too, for your laughing :DD
    so, i think Soroban is a great band^^ their music is fantastic and always relaxing me^^
    [and Ryuuji is a demigod Ő______Ő…his voice is a dreamXD and that eyes…he is my ideal^^]
    otherwise i like the new band[full new, 2 years oldXD],so i like Zoro and i think their actual music is very parallel to older music…only i’m sorry that, their changed Yumehito to Taizo…but Yumehito is cute too in Ayabie :PPP
    …sorry, i digressed from the subject:$$$
    and here that in hungarianXD:
    úgy gondolom, hogy a Soroban egy jó banda^^ a zenéjük fantasztikus és mindig megnyugtat^^
    [és Ryuuji egy félisten Ő______Ő a hangja egy álomXD és azok a szemek…ő az ideálom^^]
    amúgy szeretem az új bandát[tiszta új, 2 évesXD], szóval szeretem a Zoro-t és úgy gondolom hogy a mostani zenéjük nagyon hasonlít a régihez…csak azt sajnálom, hogy lecserélték Yumehito-t Taizo-ra…bár Yumehito az Ayabie-ban is nagyon cuki :PPP
    …bocsi eltértem a tárgytól:$$$
    (Ö . Ö)
    Owari minna^^
    [and sorry, if i writed stupidities:$$$^^]

  6. I’m from Germany too^^
    what a pitty that yumehito left the band.
    /schade das yume gegangen ist.
    great music^^

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