Name: SiSeN

Projects: Selia + SiSeN, Club scene DJ



Tokyo Dark Castle anthology; only one song called SaGa

SiSen Myspace
Selia + SiSeN Myspace

Image & History:

SiSeN is a Japanese club DJ hailing from Nagano, Japan. He appeared in Ali Project’s Music Video for “Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis”. In 2005 he started a project with a vocalist named Selia, not much else is known. He also went on tour with BLOOD in the United States during February 2008, although popular in some senses, he says that he does not want to become famous. Instead he wants to help the Japanese underground Gothic/Industrial scene grow past their classifications. You can visit him at his job, Takuya Angel shop, on Saturdays and Sundays.


8 Responses to “DJ SiSeN”

  1. Actually, he has one song out on the Tokyo Dark Castle anthology w/ others like Aural Vampire, which, of course, is where the SaGa recording came from. XD

  2. I know about SaGa, I have it after all. xD

  3. Dj SisEn a A BitCh yO!

    ChiNG WHO ChOa FhIth, WHAnk PhoRt.

  4. I have not a clue what you just typed.

  5. Same with me o.o

    Is it just me, or do a lot of people like SiSeN because he’s crazy looking? It’s not like I’m a fan of his and of course he has some real fans, but I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to like him just because of that (and probably because he’s Japanese too).
    I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t even like Industrial or anything like that, and they don’t even know about that stuff, and they say they like SiSeN.
    I hate it when people call him “Jrock” or “Visual Kei” too. He is neither of those things.

    I don’t mean to sound whiny and I’m not flaming anyone. I’ve just noticed this and it annoys me…

  6. He’s not here because he is Jrock or Visual kei. He is here because I decided people should know more about SiSeN beyond the DJ work he did for BLOOD on their US tour.

  7. I’ve heard him DJ. He is very talented and one of my favorites.^^
    Along with AuralVampire and Bespa Kumamero.
    So much talent!!

  8. DespairsRae, just though I’d add, I’m not saying he’s on here because of that reason, and I like that you’re including him on this site to inform people…a lot of people don’t know who he is and he’s like, everywhere now (that’s how it was with me at first)!

    I’m just saying in general, it’s just an obseravtion, not about this site :3
    >_>I hope I don’t sound like I’m getting mad or something..because I’m not lol! Just stating my opinion~

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