Rentrer en Soi

Vocals: Satsuki
Bass: Ryo
Guitar: Shun
Guitar: Takumi
Drums: Mika
Ex-guitarist: Ao
History: Rentrer formed in 2001, but weren’t very active, they only made a few demos, and singles that were available only at their live performances. In the beginning the band consisted of four members: Satsuki, Takumi, Ao, and Ryu.

Mika joined as their drummer in 2003. They later caught Yukari’s [once the vocalist of Baiser] attention, and released the mini-album, Yurikago in January of 2004. On the same day of the release Rentrer held a one-man and completely sold out. Ao left right after the performance, and was replace by Shun. Shortly after they released Wither, a single, and their first full length album, Sphire Croid.

In the same year Sphire Croid was released, two more singles, and two mini-albums were also released, which were the last that Yukari produced for them.They released RENTRER EN SOI, another album, in May of 2006. Two more singles were released in the same year. Rentrer has released another two singles this year [2007].

Albums/minis: RENRER EN SOI, Astre no Ito, Kein no Hitsugi, Sphire-Croid, Yurikago

Singles/maxis: Hitsuu Kizuato, Ichigo OBLATE, Shinwa, Hoshikuzu no rasen-ReSpirial-, Hamon tsutau memai, Secret Strawberry Garden, Wither, Zenkeiiro kusari Hateru Ima, Yuuitsu, Mizu Yumemiru Chouchou, PROTOPLASM, Karasu Iro no Taiji, I hate myself and want to…, Misshitsu to kodoku ni doku sareta yuutsu, THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR, AMONGST FOOLISH ENEMIES

Rentrer En Soi Official Site


5 Responses to “Rentrer en Soi”

  1. omg i saw yalll friday night yall were amazing and i got to meet some of u yall are amazing

  2. You got to see Rentrer en Soi?
    How was it?

  3. holy smokes I saw them too at Oni-Con! Sooo good. I was in the front row (but right in front of the speakers so I couldn’t really hear anything for two days) but it was worth it! Eee I got a guitar pick 😀

  4. Oh cool, if you ever visit us again please do tell us what it was like and which guitarist’s pick you caught.

  5. 😮 lukkie!!! ❤ rentrer

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