Sendai Komatsu

Band: Sendai Kamotsu

Vocals: Chiba

Bass: Wen Chen Chen

Guitar: Fullface

Guitar: Satty

Drums: Gigaflare

History: Sendai Kamotsu is Nightmare’s alter ego band [side project], which was formed in 2001, before Nightmare was successful. The line up is the same, just each member uses their alter ego’s name, and dress up in an interesting way. They took part in the first Cannonball omnibus and toured. One of their tours was called the “Gaylimpics”

Gei Kei. 😆

No matter how sour my mood is, if I so much as hear one of their songs, or have the misfortune of stumbling across a picture of the very sexy Chiba, I burst out in smiles, and even tears on ocassion from laughing so hard.
Not saying the music is bad, it’s just oh so humorous. Putting the “You gay? ….Me? No gay! No no no! ….We love gay!” aside, I actually like the sound.The songs I have listened to have all had an upbeat, perky tune, the guitar riffs are so catchy, I keep finding myself humming them. Not only are they catchy, but Chiba’s voice, oh my god, sometimes it’s so funny I start choking on air. [Chiba sings like a perverted old man, well, he is a perverted young man, so it works well.] Sendai Kamotsu are in my top five favourite bands…You can’t help but love them once you’ve stopped feeling so creeped out.

There may be language barriers, but you sure as hell get the message. I love these guys, and I love them even more for actually doing something like this. They’ve got balls.
Demos: Saipan, Kimchee

Singles: N.M.N ~NO MORE NAYAMIMUYOU~, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, Gei School Otogumi/Over the Geinbo

Albums: Okuru Kotoba, Jinsei Geimu

Sendai Kamotsu’s Official Site
Gay? [Nightmare, youtube]


It’s amazing what make-up and other things can do…


9 Responses to “Sendai Komatsu”

  1. I would really like a song sample ^^

  2. Ok, please give me a sec, I will upload one right now. ^^

  3. Ok, I uploaded one of their newest songs, it’s in the post.

  4. I can’t stop grinning…

  5. i totally loooooove fullface! hes so adorable~

  6. The day I found this band (after falling in love with nightmare a year back), I laughed my head off. Nightmare has creates a lot of power and all their pv’s have dark settings. Then you go to Sendai Komatsu and you almost have to say “ouch my eyes hurt from the bright colors!” To be honest, I can’t get enough of them.

  7. Oh I love Sendai Kamotsu! I mean, it really shows the humor the guys have. I just love their songs so much. They are hilarious to listen to. I can’t stop laughing at how much innuendo is in one song alone.(Gei School Otokogumi).

  8. there’s one member left!!!

  9. OMG I absolutely LOVE Sendai Kamotsu… It never fails that when I listen to them, I die of laughter and get really hyper xD I love Chiba, he’s awesome 😀 Ima huge Nightmare fan too, so I love them no matter what, but Sendai Kamotsu is beyond awesome XD

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